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Tell me about your nap routine

How do you put your LO down for naps? My DD (7 weeks old) isn't  the best napper so I usually have to walk with her in my arms. Sometimes I swaddle her, and she usually needs a paci and white noise to fall asleep. I use the dryer, vacuum, and a white noise app on my phone. Sometimes I can put her down in her PNP, but sometimes she will wake up right away, so the process starts over and she ends up napping in my arms.  She always goes down for a nap with a full belly and after playing (using the EASY routine with her). 

This all works for me and I don't mind it, but it's a long process for a nap. I don't have this much trouble getting her to sleep at night...just naps so I'm curious what others do... 

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  • Oh...I've also tried Moby and Ergo and she's not a fan yet...still trying. And her swing only works sometimes. She seems to like mommy's arms!
  • Might be easier if you're not trying to keep her awake after feedings for now.  Sucking is very relaxing for babies.  Most fall asleep after eating.
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  • Same thing here, its normal I think. Even if dd falls asleep eating she wakes when I burp or move her. She's most alert after eating. I don't know what the answer is.
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  • My daughter does this almost every time & it's the only way I consistently get her to sleep. DH plays music on the stero and dances with her in his arms and she'll relax into sleep that way - is amazing! Music needs to have a good beat though and commercials will wake her back up.
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  • If you're sticking to the EASY method, I found for my LO putting down after the first tired cues lead to the same lengthy process. Putting her down once she got tired enough at playtime to cry or fuss about it the forbidden overtired of easy, it was a much quicker process and she could still go down drowsy but awake so long as she had her paci.
  • Swaddle, rock till he's asleep, and put him in RNP or on our bed. 

  •  I just let him dictate whether he is tired or not... if he gets fussy, I will swaddle him up and hold him close and bounce, sway until he's asleep. If he's more alert I play with him and what not, but I don't force it, he's still trying to figure it out, my baby is also 7 weeks, almost 8. 
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