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6 wks, no symptoms.....scared

I am six weeks along according to my LMP but I have had no symptoms. i miscarried in November but I had plenty soreness, fatigue and morning sickness then. Now, nothing!! Did anyone have a similiar situation? 

Re: 6 wks, no symptoms.....scared

  • I'm at 5 weeks and have basically no symptoms so far. I have been hungrier than usual, peed more at night, was slightly dizzy for a couple minutes the other day, and I have little twinges of cramps sometimes. I'm sure the symptoms will be along, so I am just enjoying my time w/o them although it is weird to know you're pregnant but feel nothing that couldn't be chalked up to something else. Keep your head up. You'll notice that most or all of us are nervous about the peanut in there especially us FTMs.

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  • The same for me with my last miscarriage and this current pregnancy. Although just peeing more and bloated. But nothing...
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  • It's very normal- give it some time or maybe you're one of the lucky ones to have no symptoms. 
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  • I did not feel symptoms until week 8. Enjoy it now. Nausea hit hard and I was miserable.  

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  • I am feeling the same way and it is driving me crazy! No real symptoms makes me feel like it is all in my head! But 3 positive HPT and a tender nipples keep reminding me just hang in there and just keep doing what I am doing...as long as I am not bleeding I must be okay.But I feel like picking up the phone on a daily basis and asking the dr's office to see me even if it's just to get a blood test...but I won't. 
  • I had no clue I was pregnant until I came down with the flu. I was around 7 weeks by the time a positive pregnancy test told me I was pregnant at the doctor. I hadn't even realized I was late. I had some breast tenderness but nothing major enough to really comment about. 


    Talk to your doctor if you're concerned. Sometimes just hearing that it is okay is enough. You might just be one of the lucky ones. 

  • I'm feeling the same way! I'm only 5 wks but other that feeling kinda tired and maybe hungrier I feel totally normal. I kinda want some symptoms to make it feel more real for this FTM!!
  • If it makes you feel any better I am over 12 weeks and have had very few symptoms. A little breast tenderness, some fatigue and bloating. These days I feel normal most days(except my pants don't fit). I had my NT scan on Tuesday and everything is fine. The Dr said the lack of symptoms was not worrisome.
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  • I felt some exhaustion around week 10-11 otherwise I was symptom free.  Not everyone gets all of the symptoms and many people wont even know they are prengnant until 7-8 weeks along. 

    Congrats and good luck to you and baby.

  • The only thing I have been dealing with up until last week was sore boobs. Then the nausea hit. Now I'm fighting to eat anything.
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