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Fetal dopplers are illegal? What?!

Last night I read a post on here about fetal dopplers, and of course, I had to check them out. For a couple of hours, I looked up the safety and found that most people and their doctors find them to be totally safe for use in moderation, and I decided to order the most popular, a Sonoline. I just figured I'd ask my doctor about it in a couple of weeks when I go for my next appointment to make sure. Nowhere did I see any mention of the fact that it's illegal to rent or buy a fetal doppler without a prescription until today. I read it from a few sites, but the most informational was the Wall Street Journal. Now I'm kind of ticked off because these websites you order from make it so easy for you to break the law. I wouldn't have ordered it if this information was presented clearly. I realize the Wall Street Journal article is from 2005, but I searched whether or not they're legal and only get that same information, so it hasn't really been updated. Anyway, has anybody else gotten a prescription first??? I kind of feel like an idiot now and am a bit nervous. Here's the article.


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Re: Fetal dopplers are illegal? What?!

  • Well you could just sell me yours then you wont get in trouble.

    But for real I dont think the feds will come knocking on your door for getting one. Also they sell some in store. idk, I didnt read the artical but I'm sure you and every onther pg lady will be ok.

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  • ::Shrug::

    To each her own, but there are real reasons for not using them or buying your own.


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  • TONS of medical things are technically by prescription only, but are sold freely. It's more of a regulation so that things are used appropriately and with proper medical supervision and education/training (i.e. they don't want you self-diagnosing/treating conditions, and don't want people self-teaching use of certain things), and less about things truly being "illegal".



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  • I did see that article as one of the first things before ordering one, but I'm not the type to use something continuously when I know that it may not be as safe as we all thought. From what I gathered from everything I've read, it's okay in moderation. I read some comments from women saying that they use it every day, or a few times a week. I wouldn't even use it that much!
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  • Haha, I don't think I'm going to get busted. I just put this up so that people are aware of it from now on and because I wanted to know if perhaps more women actually got prescriptions for them before ordering and just didn't mention that detail when talking about them in message boards such as this one because from what it seems, nobody really does.
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