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Update NT scan :-) from freak out after dream a couple of weeks ago...

To all of the ladies who helped calm me down a couple of weeks ago after I had a horrible nightmare regarding chromosonal defects, I just wanted to let you know that I received the blood work results back from the NT scan today.

NT scan - everything measured perfectly (Bebe wasa a star!  Waving and kicking like mad) and blood work showed no increased risk!  Very relieved, but for my age I sitll have a 1:110 chance, but as it's less than 1%, I'll take it :-) 

My doctor told me that my BP looks great and Bebe looks great, so I am now off the high risk schedule.  Happy for the news, but sad that I have to wait so long now before I see the little Bean again.  I've ordered a doppler to help with the waiting; hope I can find the HB or will be freaked out again.

 Thanks again to everyone who talked me off the ledge; I really appreciate it.  To all of you waiting for your results, good luck! 

Re: Update NT scan :-) from freak out after dream a couple of weeks ago...

  • great news!
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  • Great news! I'm glad everything turned out well!

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  • That's wonderful news! So glad to hear this.
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