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looking for ob/gyn and pediatrician

I will be moving to the Houston,Texas area in April. My son will be 13 months old and I will be 30 weeks pregnant. I am looking for referrals to ob/gyn and pediatrician. Thank you in advance. I love my son's pediatrician and pregnancy care I am getting where I currently live. I am a wreck about the move and finding the proper care for us all.

Re: looking for ob/gyn and pediatrician

  • Good luck! What part of Houston will you be in?
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  • Pediatrician Dr. Michael Pope he's at 8111 Cypresswood Drive 104, Spring, TX, 77379 their phone number is 2813760707. He is awesome my baby is almost 3 months and I've gone several times already he was preemie and Dr. Pope is excellent. He explains everything and i understand him clearly. He takes his time to not only get to know your child but yourself. His nurses are great my favorite one is Julie. He was recommended by a good friend of mine. When you call an operator answers and they will make sure you get in touch with a nurse. Now let me warn you when you call their is one operator I'm not a fan of she doesn't sound too nice over the phone. Don't let that push you away you won't ever meet them most likely It's set up that way because its a group of doctors that are part of Texas Children's Hospital. Their hours are 95pm and after hours until 9pm by appointment only.
    Ob gyn : I don't know where in Houston you will live. I live in the Klein/Tomball area so if you so happened to move here DO NOT go to Dr. Betty Edwards she is rude! She has good reviews online but I'm very un pleased with her care. I delivered at St. Luke's Hospital in the Vintage. The hospital is great I loved the LD nurses and the NICU nurses as well. We were there 2 weeks so I got to know some of them pretty well. They recommend Dr. Anita Fulton and Dr. Jeanne Smith in Spring, TX. Its NW Houston
    Hope I helped :
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  • We are moving to Spring,Texas. I've never been there yet. My husband has been there for work..likes it and so we are definitely moving now.
  • Oh thank you so much..I appreciate your help and review...We are moving to Spring..I've been googling different doctors but haven't seen any reviews..It is a little stressful to find someone and gain a repoire with them in 2 months time...my baby girl is due June 3rd..I will take your advice for pediatrician..:..
  • I'm sad to say this, but I would NOT recommend Dr. Marco Giannotti (in The Woodlands). His bedside manner is excellent however from mine and my sister's experiences, he is not very proactive. While under his care I saw him for pelvic pain so he put me on BCP. Then I was in the hospital for almost a week due to severe pelvic pain and lab work showed I had an infection. He just said it was probably a cyst rupturing and that was that. In hindsight I now know he should have recommended a laparoscopy considering all the issues I was presenting. After moving to DFW and getting a new OBGYN I was diagnosed with Stage 4 endometriosis (within 4 months of my 1st appt with my new Dr). If Dr. G would have been proactive in caring for me then perhaps I wouldn't have had a laparotomy and subsequent partial-oophorectomy. I've already went on more than I intended so I won't get into my sister's situation, but I will say I have begged her to find a new Dr after her experience being PG and under his care.

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  • Oh sorry to hear about your situation..sometimes change is scary in the middle of a pregnancy but worth it if you are more comfortable and feel better taken care of with new doctor but I hope your sister has a better experience if she decides to stay with him..I won't go to him then because I agree..I need more proactive Dr. too..this is hard for me in general..moving..finding new Dr..preparing our new home for us plus new baby and all with 1 yr. old..I just wanted to have some details done before we even get there..
  • As far as OB's there is a great practice in The Woodlands called Women's Healthcare Affiliates. We used to go to Dr. Berryhill before we moved to downtown Houston. The whole office is great. I have heard good things about Step Pediatrics also in The Woodlands.
  • I live in Tomball and see Dr. John (Tomball Women's Specialists). They are affiliated with Tomball Regional Hospital. I'm 36 weeks with my 1st baby and she has been awesome and makes you feel comfortable (I hate going to doctors for any reason and I feel at ease at my appts). 


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