Pregnant after 35

just wondering...

If your PG was a total unexpected surprise?

I super duper planned both of my previous PGs and though we never ruled out one more LO, we certainly weren't trying.

We were flabbergasted when we found out and happy, but just stunned. I am 3 mo along and seriously JUST now getting used to the idea of a sweet little one in the home again.

Anyone else surprised by their PG and taking a little while to adjust??
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Re: just wondering...

  • I found out I was pregnant about a week and a half ago and it was a complete suprise i have had no symptoms and to find out only 7 days after that I am 16 weeks along was a shock. Even after seeing my little boy on the ultrasound its still not real. When will it sink in ?
  • My two were totally planned, and I am taking permanent precautions against a third becasue we feel our family will now be complete.

    Son #1 is already 2! Not too much longer until Son No.2 arrives! Lilypie Maternity tickers
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  • Mine was a complete and total surprise. We had not planned on having any.. 17 years of marriage and here we are on the latter end of our 30s and boom...surprise! I am 38 weeks and sometimes I'm still in denial. DH...said to me the other night...this is real..we're gonna be parents..Ha! We sure are.
  • Yes, My twins were a result of IVF after two years of trying on our own and other failed fertility treatments.

    We weren't officially trying, but I wasn't on BC (Thinking no way in 100 years would I be able to get pg on my own...)


    and SURPRISE! So yes. Total unexpected happy surprise. 



    Olivia and Matilda, 09/10/201 - Graham, 10/01/2013

  • yes! Total surprise. This is our 3rd pregnancy. First two were conceived with help of Clomid. And then without even trying and while on BC...I'm pregnant. Took us completely by surprise. We were in denial at first and are just now started to really process it (now that I'm 15 weeks :D).

  • My screen name says it all....SurpiseAddition!  We thought we were done with a 14 year old DD and a 12 year old DS.  With a middle schooler and high schooler, we were looking forward to it being just the two of us in a few more years.  Then, bam, I come to the realization that AF is late based upon my daughter's cycle!  I conceived at 42 and will deliver at 43.  Needless to say, a complete shocker....and it has taken awhile to get used to, but now I'm in my third trimester and LOs moving all the time.  It definitely is getting more real.  GL!

    **DD1 - 7/9/98**

    **DS - 11/9/00**

    **DD2 - 4/30/13**

  • YES total surprise!  I am 38 yrs old....never planned on having children and found myself pregnant on BC (after being on the same pill for 11 yrs!)

    We had only been dating about 6 mos....and we are both still shocked.  Now at 38 weeks we have both fallen in love with our beautiful boy and we can't wait to meet him!

  • Yes it was complete shocker for us. My husband was told by his doctor that he could no longer have children. I didn't want children being in my late 30's (never had them). I've taught school for so long, I just really didn't want kids. We got married in January, found out about the baby in Feb. Looks like he/she was conceived a week after our wedding. Not happy right now, praying I will be very soon. Husband is elated.
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