Hospital admission anniversary

So Thursday is the day last year I was admitted into the hospital. 5 days later on march 6th I had my emergency cs and we started our NICU journey. I have been doing so well with all the PTSD and then BOOM the dreams started last night. I know this is to be expected but it's just another slap in the face, if you will, being a preemie mom. I just want to say with all the emotions of what happened last year I am more excited than anything about DD's birthday!! But wish I could remember going into the hospital as exciting, not the most terrifying time of our lives.
But on the bright side DD is thriving and very excited about her party... Well I think she is and so are we, there's a lot to celebrate for our mighty Mia!!!!
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Re: Hospital admission anniversary

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    I think this was the hardest of all the 1 year anniversaries for me.  Each of them got a little easier after that.  

    Something about the loss of naivety and the loss of normalcy brought back the most emotions a year later.  Unlike my daughters birthday, 1 year adjusted, and homecoming-versary, the anniversary of bedrest and hospital admission had no happy memories attached to it.

     Im sorry you are reliving alot of these emotions but I hope the hardest part for you is past. Have fun celebrating 1 year! 

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    I'm so looking forward and dreading those anniversaries...looking forward to them bc I can't wait to get these girls bigger and stronger, but dreading for all the reasons you mention, particularly since ours is littered with holidays, from Halloween to New Years. Hospital bedrest on Halloween, NICU TGiving, XMas and New Years. We didn't even get to celebrate XMas with my family bc my dad came down with the flu, and we refused to come within miles of their house at that point. And, I spent all of Thanksgiving attached to the pump in the middle of the marathon of months I spent trying to get my supply to twin levels.

    I'm sooooo hopeful we'll have an uneventful holiday season this coming year, with an ultra mild flu and RSV season!! That would make it all that much more manageable, for sure, since we have another season of lock down in our future. I'm just glad they'll be old enough for flu shots, and hopefully strong enough to fight off anything they may end up with.
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