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Corsage Question

It has been a while since I have been at a baby shower, so I can't remember who wears a corsage and who doesn't.  I know that my hosts are getting me one, should I get each of them one as part of acknowledging them as hosts that day to the rest of the guests?
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Re: Corsage Question

  • I've never been to a shower where corsages have been done - at all.  But my understanding is that they would be for you and the grandmothers. NOT the hosts.
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  • I've only seen the Mom to be get a corsage at any shower I've been to before.
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  • My host (also Godmother), myself and all grandmas got one. This helped a lot as far as the host if people needed anything the important people were "marked". 
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  • Aw that's sweet... I've never even heard of the corsage tradition.

    I would go with only people with a "high status" in babies life would get a corsage though, like a grandmother/godmother maybe aunts (if you're really close) and of course you... but have them be different colors.

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