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advice wanted (XP on 2u2)

I am not sure what to do with DS.  He will share a room with DD after our next baby is born; he'll be 16m when the baby arrives and about 19m when I'm ready to move the baby out of my room.  DS has to be moved into DDs room for me to get the baby out of my room. 

My quandary is that I don't know if I should move him into her room in a crib or move him into a twin bed like she has. 

My worry is that he would be like a fish in a barrel and if she threw toys in 'to' him he could be hurt or if she climbed into the crib with him he could be hurt.  She is pretty rough with him and while we are working on teaching her it's still a fact that she's rough even with her love.
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Re: advice wanted (XP on 2u2)

  • I would keep him in a crib as long as you can. I say this only based on the fact that when my boys were moved to toddler beds somewhere around 20 months naps became incredibly difficult and I was wishing I had figured out how to leave them in cribs longer. I can't imagine that he would be able to "defend" himself any better outside the crib than in, if that makes any sense. 

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  • I agree, keep him in the crib.  My oldest was 20 months when she switched and she is on the mature side.  DS was 2.5 and I think still too early.  Maybe get a video monitor? 

    I think your DD will be fine; 8 months is a lot of maturation at that age. 

     I also would consider moving them together before the baby comes so they can get used to the arrangement and you can work out the kinks before you are exhausted and getting up with the baby. 

    Good luck!

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  • My girls have never shared a room but we moved my oldest into a twin bed at 18 months and my younger DD at 17 months and they both did great.  The hard part is that I would want to do the move into the bed at about 3 months before you need the crib for the new baby but 16 months seems really young.    I know I moved mine only a month later but she never slept well in her crib which is why we did the move when we did it.  We moved the older one 3 months before her sister was born and would need the crib.
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