My weekly encounter...

I forgot to do this last week, but I think this weeks makes up for it. It was a,"WTF seriously?" moment.

Besides all the usual annoying questions and random people thinking it's ok to touch my kid, this is what I got an ear full of... 

This was a person that I know, quite well, and don't particularly get along with under certain alcohol induced circumstances, which I have dealt with a lot because I used to be the bartender where he hangs out. Anyways, I run into him and he says to me,"I just want to let you know that you are surprising us all", I am confused and ask what he is talking about. He goes on to say,"that your actually a good mom". Wow! I'm actually a good mom. Thanks pal glad to know you had no faith in me. He then explained that it's not just him but lots of people are saying how I surprised them with how I am doing as a mommy. I did my best to take it as a compliment, as it somewhat is, and ignore the fact that he obviously thought I was going to be a terrible parent. Still, wow, who says that?!

So what has everyone dealt with this or last week?  

Re: My weekly encounter...

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    Are we related?  I think my cousin got the same comments from the regulars at her bar.  She's a great parent, too.  People are idiots!  What did they think you'd do put a nipple on a bottle of Bud and pass it to the baby?

    My ugh moment was finding out last night that the newborn we visited a few weeks ago was diagnosed with RSV not long after we visited.  He was sniffly when we were there, so I of course asked his parents if he was sick and was told that he was just sniffly because he was born via CS.  Last night, they casually brought up that he was "over his RSV stuff now", and I was pretty upset.  To their credit, they didn't know when we visited, and DS did not get sick.  And their baby is doing fine now.


    Talk about a "whew" moment for you! I'm glad everyone stayed healthy :) 

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