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Preschool over the summer?

Our preschool is open through the summer.  Are there any advantages to sending DS to preschool all year long?  He goes two day a week.  It is not any benefit to me for him to go during the summer as DS2 will still be at home. 




Re: Preschool over the summer?

  • Are you sure that it is a preschool program over the summer?  Or is it more of a summer camp or child care thing?

    I'm all for kids having an academic break over the summer.

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  • We just had this discussion. Our preschool offers 2 2-week sessions in the summer. We've done it the last 2 years for DD#1 and last year for the twins and they all loved it. They had a water day once a week and had lots of arts and crafts, and they have the kids with the teacher they'll have the following year. It was a great transition (even if expensive for 3 kids) but we decided no this year because we will do swim and nature classes through the county and I am looking forward to doing some volunteer work and hiking and other fun stuff over the summer. The only benefit, in my opinion, is a break for me... but since the kids are great at amusing themselves, these days, I am not so eager to send them.
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  • Ours was very inconsistent with who was working and what kids where there and it was really hard on DS, we only did two days the first week and quit.
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  • my girls go in the summer, but only b/c we need the childcare.  they do a lot of fun things, arts & crafts and outside water play and weekly field is more like a summer camp than preschool during the summer...
  • It is defiantly a structured preschool / learning time.  He will have the same teacher that he has now.  They do a few more "fun" things but do not do any field trips off campus. 

    We have several friends with similar aged children that we get together with over the summer.  We also spend a lot of time at the grandparents as one set is at the beach and the other set lives on a lake.  However there are no real structured learning activities planned with other kids his age.  We normally end up at story time at the library once a week but that is it.  

    I tend to think he will get bored at home as he really loves preschool but the frugal side of me thinks I could better use the money elsewhere...


  • I like keeping him in the mode of going to school, plus he gets farm time at the preschool during the summer, so it's a lot of fun for him. 
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  • The preschool we were at last year was year round too.  I opted to pull DD out in June--I wanted our summer to be full of fun/not structured.  
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  • It totally depends on the program and your schedule.  If you need daycare or even want a little bit of time for you, then sure send him but if you are home and you don't see a benefit and you will be doing other fun things, than no.  I think its really personal. 

    For us, DH and I work full time so we kept the kids in the daycare preschool program  - the center did more of a camp program for the summer but they still worked on some educational stuff, just added more outside time and more extras like inhouse field trips and theme days plus they did a water day (sprinklers and water related games) once a week.

    The PreK program at the elementary school has a wonderful summer program.  They still work on some of the educational stuff but they are outside more, do a lot of walks and nature stuff.  They take the kids to the local pool, do water days, do a lot of field trips.  They also work with the kids on things like how to manage the cafe - they eat lunch in the cafe so they learn the process for when they start kindy in the fall.  They also work with the kids on dropping nap time (for those that still nap) and other getting ready for kindy skills.  Its a really fun program.  My kids will be there for most of the summer and will also do a 3 week day camp through our Temple along with a family vacation and trip to the grandparents.

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