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Preschool for almost 3 and 4 yo.

So, DD1 is in preschool now, two afternoons a week. Theoretically, for next year, we should move her up to three afternoons a week (she'll be almost 4 when it starts).

Problem is, I want to put DS in preschool in September too (he'll be almost 3 when it starts). But I wonder if he's too young to jump straight into 3 afternoons a week (bypassing the two afternoons)?

I definitely do NOT want to put DD1 in three afternoons, and DS in two afternoons, because that means 5 days a week of drop-offs, which is too much.




Re: Preschool for almost 3 and 4 yo.

  • We started DS out at 3 half days no problem. He kept the schedule about 2 weeks, then started going 4 full days every week. He just turned 3.
    I would think it's fine. Maybe the first week you could have him on the 3 day schedule but only take him two of the days just to ease him in.
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  • To make it easier for you - and less confusing for your DS -  I would place him in 3 days a week (the same days as your DD1).  What happens when you take your DS to drop off DD1 for her school period?

    I think it would be awfully confusing for the little guy to drop her off, and not take him in when he KNOWS thats his school too. 

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  • Does your school offer any flexibility with dates...? Like, can you send your oldest MWF but only send the youngest MW...? Our preschool offers that.

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    We do Montessori, so we're hardcore 5 days a week when we started as young 3yos. They both did great with the adjustment and frankly, the free time makes it worth the everyday d/o's and p/u's. :If you don't want to do the 3 day a week schedule, I'd definitely try to just put them in the same class and keep your younger one home one day until you think they're ready for the third day.

    We started DS in Montessori 3 afternoons a week at older 2 which is not the "real" 36 room and I think that 5 days was easier for him because of the consistancy so honestly I think he will be just as fine with 3 days as 2 days.
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  • Are the PS times the same for both kids?

    I would put him in 3 days/wk with big sis. I think it would be an easier transition for him knowing it's a school day for both of them. Also, my kids are enrolled 5 days/wk (2 yo is abt to start early PS) and they are doing well.  I don't think 3 yo is too young to jump right into a 3 day program.

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  • I don't think 3 afternoons is a big deal. But I disagree with everyone on getting the kids confused. I was planning to send my middle son to the same preschool as my oldest which started off at 2 mornings a week. Due to his speech delay he got into a different program and a different school that was 4 mornings a week, he started younger than I was planning to send him too! He did great! He went to school one more day than my oldest too at that point!

    I am planning on sending my youngest to the same 4 morning a week program. He is definitely ready!
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  • Both my kids will be doing five days a week starting the first school day after they turn three.  My older son took about two weeks to adjust, but now he loves it.  My younger son is super excited to start school once he turns three.  
  • DD will be 4 in June and she is in a Montessori program from 7-5 M-F. Both DH & I work full time and DD has been in full time care since she was three months old. Working full time I'm all about consolidation, so the less trips you are making the better. This LO will start full time when he's three months old as well, DD's Montessori starts infants from 6 weeks, then they get into the early Montessori program starting at 18 months. 

    It's all a matter of personal preference, you know your DS and if he will be able to adjust to the 3 afternoon program, but generally speaking for an average 3 year old it's not too much. 

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  • Well my daughter is 3 and is there 5 days a week, full days because we are both working parents. She's been like this since about 6 months old with summers off as I'm a teacher. She does just fine. Just saying ;)
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