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Magna Tile question

I got DD Magna Tiles, the 100 piece set, for Christmas. Huge hit.  She plays with every day, makes castles for her toys, buildings, dance floor for Barbie.  I am thinking of getting her the Magna Tile DX set for Easter. My question is do you think it would be a good idea or not really if we already have the 100 pieces.  

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Re: Magna Tile question

  • My DS does not have this, but he does have a huge 100 piece building set that he loved playing with. Even with so many pieces it seemed like he always ran out mid build. So we bought more. For whatever reason, he plays with it way less now. He got the first set in October for an early Christmas gift and got the 2nd set at Christmas.
    I did notice there is a magna tiles vehicle set, since that's kinda the same but different maybe something like that would be better than just more of the same?
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  • Sounds like a good idea! DS always runs out.
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  • A little unrelated but given how pricey they I would consider checking out ebay. I bought the 100 piece set for my mom's house (8 grandkids = lots of toys needed) and since it wasn't a present I got a used one which was missing 2 pieces for a good deal.
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  • My DD loves her magna tiles as well! One thing to think about, if you have the clear colored ones, is a light table to build on.  DD had one of these at her daycare and they would build magna tiles on the light table and it was really cool!! Not sure how much those go for though??
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