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Marketplace- Unlicensed Daycares

Marketplace on CBC did a show last night about unlicensed Daycares in Canada.

MH and I watched it, and at one point were both in tears. We learned so much from this episode. I just thought I would share a link to an article about the show if anyone was interested.

Re: Marketplace- Unlicensed Daycares

  • DH and I watched it too, and made us both very happy that we can afford for me to become a SAHM!
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  • We use an "unlicenced" (in her home) day care provider. She's amazing, has been doing child care for around 20 years and you can tell that she's a pro just talking to her.

    But we also had one that was awful and a few months after she quit - giving us three days notice, two of which were weekend days - we ran into her and she told us that she had had a major breakdown and was being psychologically assessed and was on disability.

    Thank goodness she quit before that happened.

    FWIW she really did seem to care for DD and I don't think DD was in harms way but you don't need that stress in your life.
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