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Hey everyone I am in desperate need of a little advice. The doctors have finally cleared my daughter to start going to family functions. She was born 11 weeks early in August and we have been cooped up in the house bc RSV/Flu season is terrible here in Jersey. The doctors had said they think that she can start going out! So exciting! And the timing could not have been more perfect bc my hubby's bday is this weekend. We are going to late lunch/early dinner at a restaurant with his parents and his sister who has a 5 year old and 2year old. My husband had said something to his sister about her kids not touching her daughter and staying 2 feet away.
She called me upset and I don't know what to do. I am not comfortable with the kids touching her just yet. But I also want this to be a positive experience for everyone. How would you handle this situation. Thanks for any input!

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    Baby wearing is a great idea! DH politely told friends of ours they have an almost two year old the no touching rule. They were a little offended but didn't say anything. Later, I explained that it had nothing to do with HER kid specifically. He isn't germier than was that children cannot reliably control their coughs:sneezes so it makes sense to just stay away. Our friends were much happier with knowing whywe weren't just targeting their son. I hope this helps!
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