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Bf-ing friends Peds in Southern NH?

We currently go to the Elliot Pediatrics of Londonderry but I'm been unimpressed with the nurses advice over the phone and their bf-ing support (or lack there of)

They are a 30 min drive from my house so I often call the nurse before coming in, the last time I did this it was because my lo had a face rash and I was going to put hydrocortizone on it but I wanted to clear it with them first, she said absolutely not and that I needed to come in.  Once there, the dr took one look at it, said to try some over the counter hydrocortizone and come back if that didn't fix it.  Awesome.  Thank you for wasting my morning.

 As far as breast feeding goes, they aren't ANTI-breast feeding they just aren't super supportive of it either.  I called this morning to ask about over feeding her when others are watching her and bottle feeding (they seem to go through 2 ounces per hour which is DOUBLE whats recommended) and the nurse said "oh don't worry about it, you have your next appt in a month and the doctor will tell you if she's overweight then"  ...uh I'd prefer to PREVENT her getting to that point, obviously.  Then she didn't have ANY information on how to properly bottle feed a breast fed baby or any other helpful advice. 

I get the feeling they just don't see a lot of exclusively breast fed babies, especially since not a lot of people are doing it anymore.


Anyone have a ped in southern NH that they LOVE?

We're a semi-crunchy household (obviously breast feed, cloth diaper, baby wear a lot, prefer to try natural remedies before meds etc) anyone know of a semi-crunch ped that might be more our style? we put common CD myths to the test! Waterbirth-ing, bw-ing, ebf-ing, cd-ing mother to: Jaylee - 11.12.12

Re: Bf-ing friends Peds in Southern NH?

  • My DS was exclusively bf for the first year too.  We are going to Londonderry pediatrics on Buttrick Rd.  They unfortunately were not all that helpful either. We had a ton of sleep issues and they couldn't offer me any advice.  I am thinking to make the switch to River Road Pediatrics in Bedford.  I have a friend who goes there and exclusively bfs and likes them a lot.  They also have a dedicated 24 hr nurse line.  Good luck! 


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  • I don't know if Concord is too far north, but I have a few people you could call on if that is an option. my family doctor is AMAZING and my Midwife is awesome as well. But they are both in Concord...
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  • CountrieBum- Can you tell me the what office you use? I am a FTM and live in the Concord area. My DH and I are starting our search for Dr.'s so any info you can share would be helpful! Thank You!
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