WWYD Sick Baby!

Hello all! I have not posted in forever but lurk often ... I desperately need advice today! Beckett is 4 months actual and 7 weeks adjusted. He has been sneezing, coughing, has had a lowgrade fever, and is very sleepy, although still breastfeeding really well. This all began following his second dose of DTAP yesterday. Vaccine reaction or virus? Should I wait a little longer to take him to the pedi? Like 48 hours as opposed to 24? No decrease in output, his breathing isn't especially laboured, and he has only thrown up twice since the vaccine and I'm pretty positive it wasn't his entire feed and had more to do with the fact that he had mucous irritating his gag reflex. MH thinks I am being "overcautious" in wanting to take him to the Children's, or our pedi at this point. He thinks we should wait a bit. What do you think? TIA!
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Re: WWYD Sick Baby!

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    I wouldn't wait a second -- call the pedi ASAP and see what they want you to do. If it's actually something, it can go from bad to worse super fast.
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    I'd certainly call ASAP. If they tell you to wait, wait. But I wouldn't take my chances on a sweet little preemie. Best Wishes!
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    *Update* Called B's pedi and her response was "it sounds like a cold, if he is still eating well, don't worry. If he stops breastfeeding, take him in (to the Children's)".  In the meantime, I picked up a hydrasense nasal aspirator and will keep using saline drops as well as squirting some BM up his lil' nose. Thanks so much girls! 

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