If your LO had colic

If your LO had colic, what age did it peak at both actual and adjusted? Dd is definitely into the "scream my sweet little head off" phase each night. She will be 8 weeks old on Saturday and 4 weeks adjusted. I know they say colic peaks at around 6 weeks old, so I'm wondering if this will actually be 10 weeks for us. It's rough at night here, so I'm just trying to get real about how much longer I can reasonably expect this to last! With ds, he got better around 3.5 months old, which was about 8 weeks adjusted, but for him it was more about reflux issues from his IUGR. Dd seems to have more traditional colic. Thanks!

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Re: If your LO had colic

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    Are you taking any supplements or made any changes to your diet? We thought dd had colic but eventually found that she had a bad reaction to fenugreek. It started at about 4 wks adjusted and stopped at about 2.5 mo adjusted. It was really inconsistent, just like my remembering to take the fenugreek. One day it just stopped. A month later dd was in so much pain and screaming that we took her to the pedi to make sure she was ok. That week I realized that I had restarted fenugreek at the max dose and that I had just stopped remembering to take it around the same time dd's colic stopped.

    I do believe colic is real and I had it as a baby. I only mention this because no one told me that babies could react badly to it. Poor little monkey was in pain for months and all it took was stopping the fenugreek for the pain to go away.
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