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Graco nautilus booster

We are traveling next week and need two car seats  once we get there. I really don't want to bring two giant car seats so I was thinking about just bringing one car seat ( britax) for our three yr old and then bringing the booster part of the nautilus for my 4.5 year old who is 40 lbs. Has anyone used the nautilus as a backless booster for a 4 yr old ?  
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Re: Graco nautilus booster

  • I have not used that particular seat. I can say I have traveled multiple times with DS and although it's difficult to lug car seats around, I wouldn't recommend allowing that to play a factor in your decision. Try to focus on what is safest for you LO. Car seats are meant to be used for safety and you never want to question yourself if you jeopardized safety for convenience. Just my opinion
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  • I still use the 5-point harness on my almost 5yo with our Graco Nautilus. I'd read through the directions that came with it if you are dead set on using just the booster. However, I think you should definitely consider bringing what you and your child are accustomed to using. Is your child used to riding in a booster without a back? I'd be hesitant to switch for fear of having issues keeping my child in the seat while traveling. For me, switching just before traveling/during travel would be a recipe for disaster. 



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  • I wouldn't. 4 is pretty young to expect to sit properly outside of a harness, especially while traveling. If you are flying, you wouldn't be able to use a backless booster in the seat. My 5 year old is still harnessed, and unless it was an absolute emergency and a short trip (like10 min max), I wouldn't, even though she meets the height and weight requirements. And she's the good traveller. I could duct tape my nearly seven year old in her seat, she's a terrible booster candidate.

  • When we traveled last year we bought a graco high back booster to travel with for DS1.  Much lighter then the nautilus and it was only about $30.   He did just fine sitting correctly for those few days because it was exciting.  I really like that we bought it because now my IL's can use it in their car if there is an emergency with us. That has happened.   He also went right back to a 5pt no problem when we returned.  
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  • I've heard good things about the Cosco carseats for light, cheap travel carseats.  But for our travel needs I didn't feel comfortable using anything but DS's (3yo) carseat - we checked it with the luggage.  For the plane ride we used the CARES plane harness - it fit in my carry on.


    Why don't you want to bring the carseats if I may ask? 

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