I teared up reading your response about donor breast milk. Thank you so much for donating and for praying for the babies that got it! I've always been so thankful for the donor who chose to do so for my kids, but I never really imagined what they might have been thinking. Your perspective really warmed my heart and made me appreciate another aspect of our situation.
Lilypie Premature Baby tickers
Married 9/22/07, began TTC 8/10
Diagnosed with DOR, LP defect, mild endometriosis and cysts
BFP #1 EDD 9/10/11, natural miscarriage at 6w
BFP #2 Medicated cycle, twin boys born 4/4/12 at 29w4d
BFP #3 EDD 8/8/14, D&C for missed miscarriage at 8w, baby boy with triploidy
BFP #4 June 2014 CP
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