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Just to balance it out: an AW

Last night, M's teacher cried at our parent-teacher conference because she can't believe how well he's doing.  His reading has improved an entire level and he's learned how to count backwards and a bunch of math strategies--and is dying to learn multiplication!  She said she was worried when she met him that she wouldn't be able to help him, but he is the hardest working student she has, and she is so touched by him and all he's come through!

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  • What a fabulous story!  Love it!
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  • that is SO great. I hope he continues to work hard!

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  • That is wonderful!

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  • That is wonderful news!

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  • That's awesome. it's great that you see progress even in the midst of the difficulties.
  • That is amazing! I love it!! 

    Sounds like he has an awesome teacher who is really invested in helping him succeed too. :-) 


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  • This is great!  Yay for M, and yay for having a great teacher!  We too have been very blessed by a teacher who has helped us make great strides with some of DS' issues.  It makes all the difference in the world to have their support!
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  • What a great story!  Congrats on the progress and yay for caring, thoughtful teachers.

  • That is wonderful!
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  • Aw that's wonderful to hear!
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  • a BIG AWWWWW.  or AWESOME!  Yea for M.  Always great to hear good teacher stories because there are so many not so great ones out there.

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  • That is amazing to hear!!!
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  • That is very happy news. Im so glad he is doing well and that he has a

    teacher who cares so much.

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