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Belly binder @ Inova Loudoun?

I've seen many ladies on the c/s board and others mention belly binders for after birth. Quite a few said they were given them at the hospital-does anyone know if Loudoun uses these or is it case-by-case depending on your OB? I plan to ask at my next appointment, but just wondering if anyone had any experience with them. Thanks!
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Re: Belly binder @ Inova Loudoun?

  • I was at INOVA FX but in my experience my OB ordered it for me (I did have a C section) and then when I asked another OB in the practice who came by the next day, they were like oh that's his deal, I don't do that. So my guess is it's an OB decision...perhaps even OB by OB decision. I wore it for a few days--it did help support my abs and I think it was one reason why I got off the percocet onto Advil after a day or so. Just my $0.02 D
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