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partial molar pregnancy?

Hey everyone. Im 23 and a month ago I found out at nine and a half weeks that my baby had no heartbeat. It was my first pregnancy and normally they don't send tissue for testing until your second miscarriage but thank god they did. Doctor called today to let me know I had experienced a partial molar pregnancy and that I have to come in and have my hcg levels checked tomorrow and then once a mknth after that. I've done some research online and found that, because of the risk of cancer, they normally check more frequently then they normally have you get a chest xray to check for cancer. My doctor hasn't suggested the cray. I'm wondering if anyone here has experienced a molar pregnancy and if you have any info as well as whether or not your doctor had you go for an xray.
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Re: partial molar pregnancy?

  • I am so so sorry for your loss!! I was diagnosed with a partial molar a couple weeks ago. I was 14 weeks at first ultrasound when we discovered the baby had died. In my experience I have had hcg tracked all the way to 0. I was at a 2.2 yesterday and need one more draw next week. Since I zeroed out on my own except for d and c I was not at risk of other complications although they did draw lots of blood and ran lots of other tests in addition to hcg.

    I will be monitored more closely with a future pregnancy. I am cleared to ttc again next cycle. They have found out a lot about partial molar pregnancies that a lot that you will find online is no longer current. If you need anything or anyone to listen please pm me. Many many positive thoughts and lots of hugs.
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  • Big hugs to you. Sorry to hear that you are dealing with this. I was diagnosed with a complete molar pregnancy a couple of weeks ago. They tracked me to 0 hcg and then I have to have three consecutive weekly blood tests and if they are all 0, I get to go to monthly monitoring for 6 months. I have to be on birth control for the next 6 months and get a baseline chest Xray tomorrow. As PP said research on molar pregnancies is evolving they used to bench you for a year with complete molars, I'm only out for 6months and the treatment protocols for complete vs. partial molars is also different. Feel free to PM me anytime. Sorry you are a member if this sh!tty club. Good luck!
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  • This made me felt alot better. I think I'm probablt already at 0, its been a month and a pregnancy test came back negative. How on earth were you cleared to start trying again so soon? That's great!
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  • I don't know anything about molar pregnancies, but wanted to say I'm sorry for your loss.

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  • I don't have any advice, but I wanted to tell you that I am very sorry for your loss. 
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  • I also have no advice to offer.

    I'm so sorry for your loss and that you find yourself here. Welcome to the board.

  • I miscarried due to a partial molar pregnancy in November 2012. It took 2 months for my HCG levels to get to 0. I had weekly blood draws for 3 weeks, then went to once a month for 6 months. I am about to have my 3rd monthly blood draw. I did not have to have a chest xray. I am so sorry for your loss and then this strange diagnosis. It is a very painful thing to have to deal with a wait so long after a miscarriage. It gets a little easier! I promise! Blessings to you!
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