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Any encouraging words?

So I had a rough day yesterday when NP couldn't find the heartbeat at my first u/s. I know my lmp and am 100 sure that I'm 7w5d. My labs "looked wonderful", so we'll look again next week. Anybody heard anything about a tilted uterus hiding baby? She found a gestational sac, but didn't linger long or do any uncomfortable maneuvering. She said maybe my count was off? Any encouraging words?

I'm trying to give up anxiety and worry for Lent. Actually have experienced quite an unexplainable peace, but it really is a daily/hourly discipline to give it up.

Re: Any encouraging words?

  • My OB's office won't do an US until 8 weeks solid. Even a couple days can make a difference in hearing/seeing a HB. At my 8 week US, they had to go the transvaginal route in order to get any kind of reading.

    Give it the week and think loving, pregnant thoughts and take care of yourself-- and try not to worry too much (I know, it's not easy). 

    GL! Hang in there!

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  • Do you have a longer than average cycle?  I know my kids were always a little small at that very first u/s and they had to push back the due date since they said the u/s is more accurate than LMP. My cycles were always longer. Hopefully you'll see something next week!  I had a tilted uterus really has no effect on the pregancy long term, because it straightens up as the baby grows. But, early on, I could see that it may make it difficult to see the baby.  GL!

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  • Did she use a transvaginal wand or external US? I had a tilted uterus and my OB needed to switch to internal transvaginal wand for me at 8 weeks in order to measure the fetus. My uterus was behind a bunch of intestines at very posterior at that point.
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  • Very encouraging, you three, thanks! Yes to the transvaginal wand, but not uncomfortably aggressive, which I read that sometimes they have to be to see things with a tilted uterus. The "old" u/s machine. I'll just think loving, pregnant thoughts. I love that!
  • Please try not to worry. The same thing happened with us and I'm posting this after just putting our beautiful one week old daughter down in her crib.

    Positive thoughts and prayers your direction!
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  • The same thing happened to me at around 6.5 weeks.  The doctor told me he did not see a fetal pole, only a g/s and y/s.  He told he was very concerned and that I would probably pass it on my own since it was so early on.

    I went home, cried on the couch for a week, and finally found another doctor b/c I was not waiting 2.5 weeks for a second u/s.

    I'm almost 14 weeks now, and all is just fine!  I hope this gives you some hope.  I was in the very same place that you are now, and it's not fun.  Hang in there and keep us posted.

     T & Ps in your direction!


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