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tingling in right quad?

Hello all, I hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day last week. I am about 12.5 weeks now and for the last week have noticed tingling in my right quadricep (from about the middle front of the quad working at an angle and extending all the way down to the inner part of my right knee).  I've only gained about 4 lbs so I don't think it's the weight gain.  I've read that this can be common later in pregnancy (i.e. week 29, etc.) but haven't seen much for this early in pregnancy.  Anyone else have something like this?  I plan to mention it to my OB at my next appointment but that's still about 2 weeks away.  I'm not having any pain associated with this, just tingling like your leg is asleep.
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Re: tingling in right quad?

  • Sciatica. It's the baby sitting on that part of the nerve. I've had it on and off too. Always the front of my thigh.

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  • Yup! Sciatica. It started early on for me, with just the tingling in my quad. Now that the baby and I are bigger, it's full on down-the-hip-through-my-leg pain and after so many hours lying in bed, I HAVE to get up and walk around to relieve the pain.

    There are sacroiliac belts you can buy to relieve the pain. I haven't done that yet because I'm short of cash with MH not working at the moment, so I've had to prioritize, but it's supposed to help.

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  • I am 12w and have had variations of uterus 'sitting' on nerves, my urethra, or too much of my colon. I am spending some time laying on my stomach to help the uterus move anterior (away from the back) and up off the lower parts of my pelvic cavity. This helps me. My OB said to try this if it will bring relief and that I can safely lay on my stomach until late into the 2nd trimester. 
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  • I have had an area of tingling/reduced sensation/numbness on the outside of my right leg from about mid-thigh down to my kneecap since about 24 weeks. Some days are worse than others, but the MW says it is a compressed nerve and will resolve once the baby is born.
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  • Hi Ladies,

    Sorry about my response initially - I was having technical difficulties replying from my nook.  Thank you for all of your responses and the info on sciatica.  A co-worker warned me not to go to chat forums like these because "it will just scare you," but in actuality, I have found all of you to be very supportive and helpful.  If anything, you have helped calm my nerves when I start to wonder about things, so...thanks!

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