angry- pharmacy screwed up synagis

We went today to.get the girls their second synagis shot and it was not there. Something weird happened when.they went to verify my phone # and they were using the neonatologists # and not mine, so.they didn't match. Rther than.pick up the phone to call someone they did nothing. Now they have to restart the authorization and we have to wait a.few.more days (hopefully only a couple). Meanwhile, every single person in my house is sick, me included. I had no.idea i.had to make sure everything was set up. I assumed that the letter in the mail.saying they were approved along with the pediatricians office saying they take enoigh. Apparrently not. Gah!

Re: angry- pharmacy screwed up synagis

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    I would be so mad!  I am sorry that happened to you and hoping your girls stay healthy.  I guess I really took for granted that we never had to do anything but show up to our pedi for our shots last year.
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    I'm SO sorry. I can empathize 100. Either the drs office or specialty pharmacy has effed up our shots 2 out of 3 times. Mainly I blame the idiot receptionists at the drs office. Here's what I've learned for any future RSV shot getters

    1. Trust no one. If someone says they will do something call back in 24 to verify its done. Get a name and contact number.

    2. Always ask the next step in the procedure and if there will be anything else you are responsible for doing

    3. REMIND your idiot drs receptionist that UPS/FEDEX sometimes cannot deliver if your office is closedas in. Christmas or New Years. These are NOT surprise holidays, however so it shouldn't be YOUR fault when the kids don't get their meds :
    4/13/12--1st u/s. IDENTICAL TRIPLETS (?!?) PAIF and SAIF welcome Lilypie First Birthday tickers
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    We had everything lined up and called the day before to make sure they had it.  When we got there, they were out.  Had to take him to the main campus next day to get it.  Now we get an EOB that we're suppose to owe $2300.  It was supposed to be covered under the $30 office visit copay.  It doesn't matter what you do.  It will still get screwed up!!!
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