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Can you share what your 3 yr old eats?

Hi Ladies, 

Can you share what snacks & meals your 3 year old toddler eats? I feel like we are in a little bit of a lull lately. He seems disinterested in everything but cheese. I have been trying to make snacks and meals more appealing by making "funny faces" or using fun shaped cookie cutters to make sandwiches more appealing.

Need ideas?  

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Re: Can you share what your 3 yr old eats?

  • Bfast: Cereal w/milk, pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, all with fruit

    Lunch: Chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, PB&J, mac'n'cheese w/broccoli mixed in, pancakes and eggs, hummus and pitas, broccoli cheese "nuggets," bean and cheese quesadillas, pizza made on whole grain English muffins, homemade "lunchables" (turkey, cheese, whole grain crackers), dinner leftovers, all with a veggie and/or fruit.

    DD1 is not picky and will eat just about anything. I've been searching Pinterest and piling up some new recipes to try for lunches this summer when we have a little more time for cooking. is a fun site with lots of ideas.

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  • We don't do silly faces or anything like that. And he eats what we eat.

    He has cereal and berries for breakfast then a snack at school. I try to switch up lunches - cheesy pasta with veg, grilled cheese with cherry tomatoes or carrots, quesadillas. Same with dinner, I try to alter dinners and throw as much veg as I can in. He's a pretty good eater but goes through phases of not liking stuff so I try to change stuff to keep up.

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  • She pretty much eats whatever we eat.

    For breakfast, it's cereal and fruit or yogurt. Sometimes we'll do cheese toast. On weekends it's scrambled eggs, pancakes and/or biscuits.

    For lunch, it's usually leftovers from dinner the night before. I try to make extras for dinner so it's easier on me the next day. Otherwise, it's sandwiches (ham/cheese, pb & j) and fruit.

    For dinner, we have some type of meat (usually chicken), pasta or rice and vegetables.  

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  • Usually his meals end up looking like a weird fruit & veggie tray.

    -carrots, berries, broccoli, cheese, edamame, avocado, apples, oranges etc. 

    but right now he is obsessed with yogurt covered raisins and cranberries. They are not the healthiest, but work well for bribery (i.e. finish your carrots and you can have more yogurt covered raisins)

  • He eats what we eat but our fall backs are: cereal, pancakes, French toast, bagels, bean cheese burritos, quesadillas, chicken nuggets, broccoli, peanut butter jelly, grapes, blueberries, bananas, oranges, cheese crackers, applesauce, goldfish. The only thing "fun" we do is make his ketchup look like Mickey Mouse.
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  • ::sigh::

    It seems like next to nothing these days.

    Breakfast is easy, she'll eat most anything I tend to cook: scrambled eggs, toast, pancakes, waffles, barley, oatmeal, cream of wheat, yogurt

    Lunch: is often a series of snacks, corn dogs, pbj, pepperoni and cheese, salami rolled up, hot dog, frozen greek yogurt tubes, cucumbers

    Dinner is rarely eaten at all by my 3 year old.  I serve it and she snubs it.  

    We sit down for breakfast and dinner together as a family every day.  I figure this is a phase.  It's not how it used to be and I'm sure it will change.  I don't fight any real food battles with her.  Eventually she'll start eating more variety again and will start eating dinner again.  

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  • They eat what we eat. I don't really ever make "kid-friendly" meals. If they don't eat something because they don't like it I don't push them to eat it but I also don't make them an alternative and they don't get snacks afterwards if they haven't had a fair portion of their meal. I figure they're not going to starve. It has turned them into fairly good eaters as a whole. 

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  • Cereal, sandwiches, veggies with salad dressing, fruit and yogurt.
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  • She could eat a bean and cheese quesadilla for every meal. She also likes cereal, pancakes, fruit, spaghetti, mac n cheese, corn on the cob, broccoli, almonds, and bread (rolls, bagels, corn bread etc). That's about it. She hates all veggies besides corn and cooked broccoli. She hates soup. She doesn't eat meat. She'll occasionally eat a PB&J sandwich but she's not thrilled about it. All in all though, she's a decent eater.

    My two-year-old doesn't like any veggies and the only fruit she'll eat are bananas and applesauce. She'll eat the PB off of a PB&J sandwich. She loves pasta of any kind and she eats soup pretty well. She also doesn't eat much meat, but mainly because DH and DD1 and vegetarians so we never make any.

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  • Bfast: yogurt with fruit; cheerios with fruit; oatmeal with fruit; any version of pancakes, French toast, waffles with fruit; bagel and cream cheese with fruit. He's just recently getting where he will eat eggs.

    Lunch: He almost always requests pj&j (sunbutter if he's going to school). Other things we've tried are cheese with tomato and avocado; pita and hummus

    Dinner: He eats whatever we eat. Sometimes he loves it, sometimes not, but I'm not making two meals. Generally, anything with pasta is his favorite.

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  • I have a very picky eater so this is helpful! I'm hoping she will grow out of this (long) phase soon..

    Breakfast: this is our easiest (no fights) meal.  Usually cereal with milk, scrambled eggs, toast, bagels, waffles, or pancakes. And an apple or banana.

    Lunch: She doesn't like jelly, so she will have a peanut butter sandwich (with a dab of Nutella),  shredded cheddar cheese and a tortilla (like a naked quesadilla), grilled cheese, rarely Mac and cheese or chicken nuggets. She will eat deli meat if we give it to her. 

    Dinner:  pasta, pasta, pasta.  Sometimes ravioli, she'll eat chicken or turkey sometimes, red meat forget it. Occasionally hot dogs.  She won't eat potatoes, rarely even fries.  The only veggie she likes is peas. She loves corn. I often feed her scrambled eggs with cheese for lunch or dinner if she didn't eat it that morning.

    Snacks she loves are: Apples, yogurt, string cheese, wheat thins, raisins.  I consider granola bars and fruit snacks "treats" for if she eats a good lunch or dinner. 



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