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Over 35 question...

Are you receiving specialized care just because you are over 35?

 I will turn 39 in a few weeks and became pregnant naturally. I am living in sydney and the docs here are not concerned with my age at all. On the contrary, they said most women are having babies in their later 30s and have women in their mid to late 40s too.  Before I left for sydney, the gyn who I saw was obsessed with my age and I was scared it would never happen. I am just curious on your experiences. Maybe this is a cultural difference? 

Re: Over 35 question...

  • I'm 37 and live in NYC.  I did an NT Scan/Bloodwork but that was it.  I've been really blessed and have had no issues associated with "older moms".  My doctor doesn't mention my age at all.  Moms over 35 are quite common in Manhattan, with a lot of moms giving birth in their early 40s.

    I don't think it is a cultural thing but in the states I do tend to think it's a regional thing (e.g. NYC where people get married in their mid to late 30s  vs. Idaho where people are more likely to get married much younger).

    I wouldn't worry about it.  All of the 35+ moms I know (and I know many) have had perfectly healthy children. 

    Good luck! 

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  • I'll be 41 when this babe is born. Unless I develop something medically wrong, I am low risk. I made an appt with a midwife rather than OB. I've been basically healthy other than episodes of barely there hbp normally around stressful events. I will be taking steps to work with that. If my bp risks me out then it's for bp, not my age.

    The "age" thing had to do with a focus on increased risk of genetic disorders and the theory that a woman might be more unhealthy at an older age.
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  • I am 39 and will be 40 when baby is born.  I was 38 when my first was born.  The doctor was aware and I had the NT Scan like Jglen4 and an extra sonogram but Doc. said I was healthy and he would only have extra testing if he saw a concern and age alone did not create a concern.  With my first on got my first appt. right away but it was because I was't sure when my last period was. (baby was planned but we were trying but not worried about counting days and such)  This time  knew when my period was ...I was thinking they would see me early because of my age but no...8 weeks and 4 days is when my appointment is....I should have said I didn't know when my period was...haha.

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  • I am 37 and the baby is due in 3 weeks. The only thing I noticed was in the beginning I received genetic counseling and testing. Once that was over and all was well, my age was never really a factor. The only other time my age was brought up was when due to relocation I had to change doctors. Mostly it was nurses surprised that this was my first pregnancy at my age.
  • Other than the 1st trimester screenings, which I brought up before my doctor did, I haven't been treated differently than a younger mom.
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  • Except that I have AMA written on my file, no! My Doctor recommends genetic counseling to all his patients and I wasn't forced to do it either, and he was a little surprised that we wanted to do the amnio while all the test results came out ok. The Prenatologist that I see, told me last time I don't have to go any more, then he looked at my chart and siad , AMA, 37, it will be best if I see you in 4 weeks.


  • imagejglenn4:

    I'm 37 and live in NYC.  I did an NT Scan/Bloodwork but that was it.  I've been really blessed and have had no issues associated with "older moms".  My doctor doesn't mention my age at all.  Moms over 35 are quite common in Manhattan, with a lot of moms giving birth in their early 40s.

    I also live in NYC, am 39 and will have just turned 40 when the baby arrives. I pretty much experienced and agree with everything jglenn4 said. My doctor wanted me to do the NT Scan/Bloodwork becuase of my "advanced maternal age". Ha Ha! If you're over 35 there are statistically more risks and complications for you and the baby so doing these non-invasive tests was really a no-brainer for me

    Other than those tests, my doctor and I have certainly had a chat about the age thing (my doctor is 39 too) and she says if I'm doing fine and everything is going well, there should be no need to really go on and on about it and that we'll just proceed like an average everyday pregnancy.

  • I thought the same thing....that because I am 38 yrs old--I would require some specialized care.   Turns out....not so much.  I guess because more and more women are having babies in their 30's and 40's they have relaxed a little when it comes to prenatal worry.
  • I think your overall health and history is much more important than how old you are. Although yes, I do think there is a cultural element to it too--the US obstetrics culture lives in fear of lawsuits and it is a very conservative CYA sort of mentality in many places.

    I will add that because I am over 40, we are starting non-stress testing at 34 weeks. I think if I were between 35 and 40 it would not have started until 36 weeks, but non-stress testing is no biggie, so I am not really concerned. (I think it consists most of sitting around and pressing a button when you feel your baby move. Since my baby is moving around just fine, I don't think we'll have an issue.)

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  • Considering that I live in a city with a ton of young, unhealthy, meth-addicted, smoking moms, my OB thinks I'm much more likely to have a healthy pregnancy and baby than the majority of her other, much younger patients!

    I'm only now considered high-risk because of my 2 vessel umbilical cord-- not because of my age. 


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  • Almost 40 and pregnant with twins; no special care due to my age.
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  • The only difference in my care was being sent to the peri for a NT as a matter of course. Once everything checked out okay I was sent on my way.
  • Had children at 29, 32 and 40 and pregnant now at 44 - never had genetic testing or even perinatal care.  My OB/GYN says I am in great shape.  I've declined advanced testing like MaterniT21 but will take the extra ultrasounds - they are the silver lining! I think it's cultural but it's also dependent on your Dr. and you as a patient.  Good luck and congratulations!
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  • I am 39 and have had no special treatment, except the offer of CVS/Amnio/MaterniT21.  My blood pressure is always good (generally right under 120/80; yesterday it was 118/60), no protein in my urine, passed the GD 1-hour drink test, not too much foot & hand swelling. 

    At first, I was kind of, I don't know, miffed? perturbed?, that I wasn't treated any more carefully, but I guess it is just a testament to my overall good health that no one seems to be worrying much about my age.

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  • Hi ladies, it's all good to hear. I was living in NYC too before I moved here. My gyn was on the uws and was the one who had me freaked about my age. Maybe it was just m experience with her. I am happy we all sound pretty healthy on here!
  • I am 39 and will be almost 40 when these twins arrive.  I am seeing a MFM (first appt in 2 weeks) but mainly due to the twins combined with age. I agree like PP said, seeing an MFM is more based on your overall health or complications.  My best friend is 32 and is seeing an MFM (we are due around same time, same OB) but it is because she has a heart condition.  She saw one in her 20s with her first pregnancy too due to that (she has had several heart surgeries)

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