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XP: Feel like I need to ReIntro all Over again...

I've been in tax he!! for the past few months. I'm an accounting supervisor and have been buried but hoping to catch up with everyone on the board. I hope everyone is doing well.

I will try to keep my update short - I have had m/s since I've been 6 weeks and it appears to have no ending. I'm still seeing my accupunturist hoping it kicks it but hasn't yet. I have cautious Dr.'s that will let me take B-6 but nothing else - I have begged for the Zofran but to no avail :( After checking with my mom she had m/s with both her pregancies through 8 month - I'm hoping this will not be the case with me.

I graduated to my OB at 10 weeks and had my NT scan a couple of weeks ago everything looked good and with my blood work for the genetic testing my risk was low which has eased my mind. The tech said she was 80% sure we are having a boy - we really had no preference so we are over the moon.

Me 38 MH 41 - TTC since June 2010 - dx with Severe MFI. Straight to IVF with ICSI. IVF #1 - ER 06/13/12 - 9 Eggs Retrieved - 4 ICSI'd - only 2 fert. 06/15/12 - 2DT - 3 cell & 6 cell with fragmentation. Beta 06/29/12 - IVF #1 = BFN. 07/20/12 - WTF Appt -Told by our RE to quit IVF. Second Opinion from RE is good. IVF#2 - November 2012. Estradiol Pills Started 11/6. Stims start 11/16. ER 11/26 - 7 eggs retrieved - all mature. 4 fertilized with ICSI. ET 11/29 Transferred 3 embryos. Beta is 12/10. 1st Beta 81 2nd Beta 160 and 3rd beta 360!!! First U/S 12/21/12 - We saw one beautiful gest. sac. 2nd U/S is 01/04/2013 - H/B 183 02/05/13 - NT Scan - everything looks good and IT'S A BOY!  Aiden was born 08/20/2013.

IVF #2 is in progress.  ER was 05/12/14 - 11 eggs retrieved, 8 fertilized with ICSI.  ET was 05/15/14 - we transferred 3 embryos as we did on the cycle my son was conceived.  We were able to freeze 3 embryos. Beta is scheduled for 05/26/14.  1st beta - 111.  2nd beta - 159 didn't double :( 3rd beta Friday 5/30) - not a lot of hope left. Beta # 3 is 247 - probably ectopic.  Beta # 4 is 813 - possibly vanishing multiple sydrome?  06/05/14 - 5w4days - first U/S - we see a gestational sac and yolk - still have hope!  06/17/14 - 7w1day - U/S and saw and heard the heartbeat - Finally!  06/27/14 - 8w4days - Baby and heartbeat look and sound great :)  EDD 02/01/14 and It's a boy!

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Re: XP: Feel like I need to ReIntro all Over again...

  • Welcome back! I'm sorry to hear about the m/s. I'm a little surprised they won't give you Zofran...there really is no reason to suffer. Have you tried Seabands?
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    -Taking a break from treatment-

    BFP 11.20.12 ~ EDD 7.28.13

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  • No freaking Zofran?!? Get a new doctor!

    Glad to see you back on the board, though. Hang in there-- m/s affects everyone differently. Try out different foods to see what works for you and then buy 'em in bulk!


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  • Welcome back! I agree with the Sea-Bands suggestion. And yeah, no Zofran? What is up with that?!
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