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If I only had my kids EOW I would darn sure make sure I spend as much time with them as I can.  I do not understand why a parent who is limited on time wants to go out without the child every time they are there on the weekends.  When your child says "I really do not know why I have to go Dad isn't there anyway" it is tough to come up with a response.


  • I have my kids 4 days a week, XH has them 3. I don't ever get a sitter other than when they are at daycare because I'm working. XH always has a sitter. Dude, you get four days 'off' every week. Go out then. Enjoy them when you have them, otherwise why the hell do you want the time? The way I see it is I have very limited time, if I want to grab a drink w my friends there is plenty of time for that on my kidfree days.
  • I totally agree!! BM complained that she never got any "fun time" with SD (SD is with us every weekend). DH lets SD stay with BM any time BM she finally asked to keep SD one weekend. The next weekend we ask SD what she did when she stayed home, SD says that she spent Friday night with a cousin and then Saturday BM took her to one of BM's friend's parties where the cousin babysat her and then spent the night with grandmother-in-law (also with the cousin) on Saturday night. BM picked SD up after dinner on Sunday.


    BM can't give up her partying for one weekend!?!?!  Fortunately, SD had a good time with the cousin!

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  • We get my SD EOWE and it takes something pretty important to get us to leave her with someone else. DH always complains he doesn't get enough time with her. Why would we give up the little time we have? It's not like we don't know in advance when we will have her. We just plan around it. It's not that hard and our friends all respect our time with her, so they understand when we say no to stuff. All I have to say is "we have SD" and they know we are out.

    We have left her with his mom in extreme cases, because she enjoys time with her anyway. In desperate times we have switched weekends, but that is absolute last resort because BM is so difficult. Even then we really don't "switch". We usually just end up taking her two weekends in a row to free up the one we want. But that doesn't happen often.
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  • BD used to kind of have EOWE. And he would ask constantly if someone else could watch DS. I just thought - you only have DS 2 out of every 14 days and you don't even want to use that time to the fullest?
  • We have the same problem every time BM has taken her visitation. She'd pick SS up then drop him off with strangers while she went out doing God knows what. Our BM hasn't seen SS in almost a year. She is a stranger to SS. She only saw him 2 times in 2012, and only after she was served with papers to modify the CO. 
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