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New dad to be :)

Hey guys. I just signed up today, it's nice to see that there is a section for dad's too. We just got confirmation today that she is 4-5 weeks along, and I couldn't be more excited. She is a worrier and keeps mentioning miscarriage and she had 3 positive HPT's and she still needed the blood test to confirm 100%. Now that it's official I want to tell everyone, and she is only telling a few because she is so worried about having a miscarriage that it would be embarrassing for her. Any thoughts on how to tell people? I have been reading articles and researching and it sounds like a lot of people wait until the 8-10 week mark. Any suggestions?

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  • Hello and congrats!  My wife is 11 weeks along and we only just told our extended family 2 weeks ago.  We still haven't spread the news across any social networks or anything as we want to wait until the first trimester was over.

    We only told our parents after she received her first positive test.  We waited until her first appointment and ultrasound at the 8 week mark to tell everyone else.

    I'm still stressed and nervous every day as I just want an uneventful pregnancy, and I think it's pretty normal for any Dad-to-be to feel that way. 

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  • Congrats. I would wait to tell most people and only tell those people who's support you would want to have should anything happen.

    My wife and I just went through this - we told our families at week 10 - and 2 weeks later she miscarried.  It was terrible to have to tell folks the bad news, but nice to have their support. But I would hate to have had to tell more people then we did.

    My wife is pregnant again - we are 5weeks, 2 days - and this time we are going to keep it close to the vest.

    Best of luck!

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  • Congrats and welcome!

    Everyone has their own spin on it, but having been through a miscarriage and having to un-tell people (one of the hardest things I've ever done) we waited until after the first trimester this time around.  That's how I will do it next time too.

  • thanks for the advice guys! It has been hard to not tell everyone today, however, I think it's because it is so new, I will definitely refrain from telling others because in case something does happen I can see how that would be so hard to re-tell everyone who is already extremely excited for us. Best wishes to all of you and yours as well!
  • My wife is 11w1d and we are FINALLY letting the cat out of the bag to our parents this weekend.  Her parents live far away and we wanted to tell them in person, which is why we have waited so long.  My parents live closer, however, and it has been torture not saying anything every time we have seen them.  Can't wait!
  • My wife miscarried the first time we got pregnant. That time, we told everyone as soon as we confirmed she was pregnant, so we had to tell everyone when the MC happened, which just made it dreadful.

    WIth this little squirt, we waited until we got into the 2nd trimester to tell everyone outside of a select few people. Funny thing is, both of our mothers knew a few weeks before we told them! They just sensed that my wife was carrying.

    Wait to tell people until the 2nd.  It will help ease the stress that you will no doubt experience in the first trimester.

    Congrats, and start sleeping now, while you still can!  That will be the change you will feel most once baby arrrives.


  • I would wait until at least the first ultrasound if possible.  If you insist on telling people, only tell those that are in your inner most circle because if something were to happen, the last thing you need is to have people asking how things are.
  • Congrats, we told immediate family as soon as we found out for sure, but waited until the first ultra sound to really spread the news. Now we only have 3 weeks (at most) left
  • We dealt with a miscarriage so we didn't tell anyone until we were almost 4 months. I think my wife was 15-17 weeks before she started telling anyone and probably 20 weeks before she actually got excited. BUT I know folks who started sharing the news immediately. Either way, have fun and enjoy the season!
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  • ya i mc 4 weeks in so i def this time waited till my beggining of 2nd trimester 112-13 week area. bc odds of mc drop significantly. i am now 23 weeks and going strong trust me i understand her concern. it is hard enough to deal with a mc let alone very one knowing abt it or trying to make it better or even some women judge acting like its the womans fault when n most cases its not. so i know its hard to wait to tell people but out of concern for her its going to be worth it and she will love u even more for being patient and waiting. trust me 12 weeks will be here before u know it it goes fast.
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