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Postpartum Depression

Pregnant and depressed?

I don't know if this is the right board to post on, but found everyone on my due date month to be nasty and unhelpful. We just found out we are having another daughter and I really wanted a son. I think I am over grieving the loss of the dream of having a boy but can't bring myself to excited for the pregnancy anymore. I ignore the flutters I'm feeling and don't want to think about being pregnant or having this baby. I feel terrible about it and don't know what to do to fix it   Anyone else feel this way?
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Re: Pregnant and depressed?

  • I don't know what to tell you to make you feel better.


    My husband's best friend had triplet girls & was completely bummed.  The OB/GYN (a male) said to him "you know, girls can play sports & be kick ass too".  It was a wake up call for him.  He has 2 girly girls & 1 tomboy.  

  • My advice: Give it some time.

    My mothers' intuition told me that I was having a boy (9/10 times) so it was a kick to the hoo-haa when we welcomed DD into the world. I didn't even put any real thought into a girl's name because I ''knew'' it was a boy. It wasn't love at first sight when I held her; she was a stranger but the maternal instinct was there to nurture and protect this child. But we got over it in due time, and it just felt right to care for my daughter.

    "What are you having?" "Well the radiologist says its a healthy little human baby. I'm a little disappointed, because I really wanted a puppy." LOL
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  • I think it is natural to feel a level of disappointment when you expect life to go a certain way and then it doesn't. Give it time and try to channel your focus to how great another girl is going to be for your first child.
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