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Induction at VHC?

Hi ladies! I live in NoVA but haven't posted here before. I'm currently 5 days overdue with LO #1. I will most likely be facing induction on Friday if I haven't had baby by then. My next OB appt isn't until Thursday but I'll be sure to ask about this then, too...  

My question is, has anyone here had an induction at VHC? If so, what meds did they use? (I'm really curious about whether they used cytotec or cervidil!)

thanks so much! :) 



Re: Induction at VHC?

  • the hospital doesn't decide what meds would be used. you would do that in consultation with your care provider (your doc or your midwife). the last birth i attended at VHC where mama was induced, the induction began with cervadil, which mom consented to after discussion with her OB about the pros/cons. 

    not that you asked for advice, but... :)  if your health is okay and your baby's health is okay and the only reason they want to induce labor is because you have passed your due date, you might also ask about delaying the induction over the weekend and giving your body time to do what it does! average gestation for a first time mom is actually 41.3, but most moms aren't "allowed" to go that long. from your ticker, it looks like by Friday you'll be bumping up against 42 weeks. in france, your due date is calculated at 41 weeks and in many other countries, you aren't considered late until you have passed 42 weeks. i found that really interesting when i read about the approach in other developed countries, who, btw, have significantly better birth outcomes than we have in the States.

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