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Normal o PPA?

My DD is almost 2.5 weeks old and I'm having a hard time dealing with the anxiety I'm feeling. I new caring for a newborn was going to be challenging but I never expected to have this level of worry. Everyone says sleep when she sleeps but I am not able to do so. I have her bassinet right next to my bed but she's such a noisy sleeper, and every noise she makes has me looking in at her to make sure she's ok. I'm scared to death she's going to choke on spit-up or stop breathing. Because of this, my mom has been staying with us and watching her at night so I can get about 4-5 hours of sleep a night. DH works nights and lots of hours so he can't help out too much. I know my mom isn't going to be able to keep this up forever, and I scared I'll never sleep when that time comes. I'm hoping once she gets a little older I'll relax a little and be able to sleep. Has anyone else felt this way?

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  • My LO is 7 months and I still wake up frequently throughout the night to check on him. When he was your LO age he had just gotten home from NICU. So I had the same worries you have.  it will get better as they get older. Other moms I talked with had the same feeling. Hope this helps a little.

  • I felt the same way when DS was little, but I could usually fall asleep eventually. Even now at 11 months I still go in and check on him if he's been sleeping for a long time.
    Trust that your mommy intuition will wake you up if anything is wrong. Even when I am exhausted I am still a light sleeper now. Try to keep him in the room with you and relax. GL!
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  • I think that this may be PPA.  I had symptoms like this and I had PPD and PPA.  That being said I think it will get better with time, mine did.  When there that new you just naturally worry more.  My daughter is actually 4 I was just lurking over here and decided to post to tell you to hang in there! 
  • This was my exact situation w my son. My mom stayed w me so I could rest bc I watched him like a hawk constantly. I think it was ppa. I got some Zoloft from my dr but didnt take it. Im a week out from having my second and I have anxiety again just ab different things. Hang in there each day does get better.
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  • Some anxiety is totally normal. 

    If your anxiety is interfering with your life, it's not normal. If you're having trouble sleeping, eating, if you're having physical responses to anxiety (diarrhea, upset stomach, palpatations, dizziness, heart racing, etc), or if your thoughts become distorted from reality (worse case scenario type things) these are classic signs of an anxiety disorder.

    I knew I was having a problem when I wasn't able to eat, I couldn't sleep at night, I felt like something awful was going to happen all the time, I needed someone to be at the house with me at all times, etc. 

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