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I'm currently 20 weeks. I felt flutters at 16 weeks then nothing again until exactly 19 weeks. Then I felt movement for a few days in a row, esp after eating or drinking something sweet. I thought the movement was becoming regular. Now I've not been feeling anything for a few days and I'm just wondering if this is normal?  I can't remember a lot from my first pg--blame it on Mommy Brain. LOL. I do remember the movements started sometime after 18 weeks but I can't remember when they started to occur daily. 

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    I felt the first flutters around 16 weeks, but nothing was regular (like not even once a day) until the end of 2nd tri.

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    I've been able to feel the movement sooner with each pregnancy, but also had it intermittent like you said.  I think it's because you're more in tune with what the feeling feels like.  But, I think since the baby is still so small you can't feel it all the time.  Within the next week or two you'll probably start to feel it every day. 

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    It depends so much on how the baby is positioned. I felt first flutters at 17 weeks (this is my first pregnancy), but then several days would go by before I felt something again. I was not feeling movement on a daily basis until 22-23 weeks.
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    I didn't feel anything till nearly 20w and daily movement at about 25w.
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    I have had intermittent movement, especially earlier (from 16 or 17 weeks until about 21 weeks). Now, at almost 25 weeks, I still have stretches where P?pite isn't as active and/or is positioned in a way that I'm not feeling it.

    I definitely think a lot of it is positional. When I had my 20 week US, the LO was head down and spine up and by the 22 week US, the LO was head up and face more up. I could definitely feel more movement with the week 22 positioning.

    If you buy a stethoscope (doesn't have to be expensive), you can hear more movement than you can feel. Whenever I got nervous, I would listen instead of try and feel and I could hear the babe punching/kicking away and I'd feel so much better...

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