Pregnant after 35

pregnant after surgery at 38 yrs old with Twins

it was surprising when i found out i was pregent with twins with a half of a uterus wow this pregnancy can be scared for my health but i serve a powerful God but i wanted to talk to other woman who are carrying twins as well


Re: pregnant after surgery at 38 yrs old with Twins

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    Sorry....I'm only carrying a singleton.  But, wanted to say congrats and welcome you to the board!

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    MrsNukem is carrying twins--I'm sure she'll chime in on this thread. I am carrying only one, but I wanted to say welcome and wish you a very happy and healthy pregnancy!
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    Hi there!  Yes, I am 40 and carrying twins conceived through IVF.  I don't know how far along you are, but I would highly suggest being seen by an MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine/Perinatologist) instead of or in addition to your OB if you aren't in the care of one already. A twin pregnancy is very unique and you need to be monitored more closely. With that said, I am very petite (5' tall, 100 lbs pre-pregnancy) and was/still scared that my little body won't be able to make it with twins, but I am almost 27 weeks and so far no complications (knock on wood)!

    I would also recommend reading Dr. Luke's book "When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets or Quads"; she has a lot of good info on dietary and vitamins needed for a twin pregnancy (take the info with a grain of salt as some of her recommendations I find impossible to meet, but I try do what I can).

    You should also try the Multiples board, the ladies there can also provide additional advice.  Good luck and I hope you have a smooth pregnancy!

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    Congrats! I was pregnant with twins but I lost one at 15 weeks. It was scary for sure but I didn't feel any different while I had 2. I'm 39. My doctor said I would be monitored more closely by OB and MFM, but otherwise everything would be about the same. I was more afraid of how I would handle 2 after they arrived! 

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    Hi I am pregnant with twins. I wanted to say congrats :))))) I am currently 19 weeks 6 days I am excited about the half way point. However, I get worried sometimes like now because I have not felt them for two day. I have an ultrasound tomorrow so I'm looking forward to that. Btw: I am having a girl and a boy! :)))))


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    Hi there, another over 35 TWIN mom here! I am only 14weeks and expecting twins.  I am 39 years old and they are the result of IVF.  We transferred three embies.  It was our first attempt this time. 

     I also have a singleton- 5 years old from our initial infertility struggle.  That time we spent 2 years trying- did it all, lap, hsg, clomid for months, more tests, 4 IUIs and finally IVF.  IVF worked the first time (two embies transferred).  This time, we knew we wanted to skip all the other stuff, given my age (and still "unexplained infertility"), so we jumped straight to IVF.  Thank God it worked the first time this time!!! 

    I am doing well, but it is harder at my age.  I am in good shape (or was before the pregnancy) and tall, so hopefully that will help me.  But I started showing pretty good at 8 weeks and I am now as big as I was at 20w with my son (at only 14).  It's crazy.  I haven't had an easy go so far- no complications, but just miserable- on zofran/phenengran for severe nausea and already trouble sleeping and a lot of pains and cramps from all the growing.  I can't imagine how miserable I'll be by third tri! 

     Wishing you lots of luck!

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