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Ergo and sling after c-section

I have a scheduled c-section next week and am really looking forward to wearing my DS in either a sling or the Ergo carrier however I'm curious if I'll be able to do so right away after a c-section. Any ladies with experience using a carrier shortly after a CS?

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  • I have  Beco. I used mine a day or two after my c-section. It was constant pressure over the area of my incision and the support actually made it feel better. My doctor never told me not to use the carrier but I didn't ask either. I would think you would be fine as long as it feels ok.
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  • I didn't use one with DD1 but I would assume it's alright since the only thing you are really allowed to carry is your baby. However I don't know for sure. Even so, you could get one and then use the carrier after 4-6 weeks. 
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  • I used a baby bjorn afterwards. But I think I waited a week or two. The bjorn doesn't sit on the incision area like ergo might. I think it's ultimately up to you and how you are feeling afterwards. If it feels comfortable, go for it.
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  • I used my moby soon after but the ergo took a few weeks as the bottom part basically was over the incision. You might do best with your sling first. Good luck!
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  • I might break out my woven wrap today - 10 days PP.

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  • Thank you for your input! I'll start with the sling and see how it feels.:)

  • I'm thinking that my Ergo won't work very well post c/s. Plus it's pretty bulky for a newborn. I didn't buy the newborn insert because I just didn't think I'd use it enough.

    I'm planning to buy a ring sling, and from what I've seen, that won't push on the incision site at all. 

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  • I used a moby after DD was born.  I don't remember exactly how soon after, but definitely by 2-3 weeks if not before.  The moby can be tied higher than the incision depending on how you wear it.  
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  • i was using my ergo (with infant insert) before baby was 2 weeks old. i was wearing a belly bandit under my clothes though, so i think that helped make me not worry about the carrier rubbing my incision as it was protected by the belly bandit..we're 6 months out now and i've healed quite it certainly didnt hurt me any..
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