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I am counting down the days until Monkey goes to Pre-K. 

Unfortunately, financially I will need to go to work then too...........bah



  • DH informed me that him and SS are going out to dinner tonight.

    Ok, I had already planned dinner for tonight, but me and my kids will just go out for dinner.

    But secretly I just want to scream that we should all just do dinner together.


    Petty, I know.  Him and SS do need "quality time" though.

  • I made Valentines shirts for my kids this yr. I had this beautiful vision in my  head how I can practice some photography and take pictures of all of them in a nearby field in these great shirts I made...

    SS didn't want to wear his, and had a low fever yesterday after school. After I did pictures of my nephew, I was going to do DS and he wanted to eat instead. Took his shirt off to avoid spills, sister left, can't find shirt anywhere. Shirt is literally just gone. I have ripped this house apart. I think she has it on accident, and she keeps telling me she checked the diaper bag. I am 99% sure she has it. DD put hers on, but refused to take a picture. Diva.

    I spent a lot of time on those damn shirts and I don't get one effing photo out of it. I'm so pissed off. uggggghhhh.

    ok, this was a vent, not confession. Whatevs... 

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  • DD is almost three years old, and she's going through an awful stage. She pushes every boundary, every rule. She has attitude and whines about everything. She makes everything as difficult as possible.

    Yesterday morning was so bad. I started crying, and even though I didn't have to work until 1pm, I brought her to daycare at 8:30. I needed a break so I didn't beat her little buns. Which I would never do, but I was at my end point with patience and I wanted to.

    I hate this stage and I hate bing so frustrated. I just want to be the kind, patient, understanding mom I usually am. Lately I feel like all I do is discipline her.
  • I have been a horrible employee lately. I am only doing the minimum to get by. I have got to get out of this funk. After walking into this place everyday for the last 12 years I am just over it. But not over it enough to leave and lose my perks I have gained over the years. It's such a weird spot to be in. I hope I snap out of it!

    The kids are 17, 14, 13, and 12 yet I am still super excited for them to get their V day cards, drink, and candy tonight. Yeah I am a super dork!

  • We are taking skids to lunch this weekend.  Last night DH told SD he would call her today and find out what time was best for her.  DH and I have morning plans, then DS will need to eat.  I'm already annoyed that DS has to be in the car for three hours.  Lunch is at a set time.  I frankly don't care what the 14  yo wants.  We set the time earlier this week, I guess SD complained (she has control issues and should probably be in counseling - that's a whole different FFFC).

    The FFFC is I really, really wish DH would agree that DS and I just stay home.  I had plans I had to cancel for this.  I am resentful that DH put me in that position (he wants the skids to see DS, but doesn't want to deal with DS in the car for that long or lunch on his own when he's with skids because they think DH pays too much attention to DS).  I am super annoyed that this lunch is even happening, it jacked up my entire, already planned Saturday.

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  • I have 2 I guess:

    1) DS is staying the night at my parent's tonight. And they watched him yesterday while FH and I went out to a small dinner for Valentine's Day. And Sunday he is staying home with FH for a couple hours while I go to a bridal expo with my mom. I feel guilty not spending every minute with him this weekend, but we will have all day Saturday and Monday together, and most of Sunday. Plus, he has been wanting FH and my parents more than me anyway.

    2) I'm ALMOST regretting FH and I combining bank accounts....almost. Now I get to see all the little sh!t he spends money on, but on the flip side at least he's not overdrawing his account and wasting money on huge fees anymore. I'm trying not to let myself start feeling like his mother and resenting him.

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  • I've been toying with the idea of a trial separation.  But I don't think I have the guts.  Or maybe it's that I'm TOO stubborn. 
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  • Really wish XH would buy a house with the settlement I gave him.  I am dying for a weekend alone with SO.  And 2 weeks in the summer?!? Heaven 
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  • DH and I are taking SKs to meet with BM tomorrow so they can spend their week-long February break with her. I'm not looking forward to the 12-ish hour round-trip at 35 weeks pregnant (nor making the same trip next weekend at 36 weeks pregnant)...but I AM looking forward to a week to ourselves. DH and I may make a few stops at Babies R Us and a few others places (that we never get to go to because those stores are 3 hours away from where we live) and we're planning to go out for dinner, just the two of us, tomorrow evening. I'm relieved that I won't have to spend all of next week parenting all day long while SKs are on their break. I did that all last summer and managed (and it was fricken' hard as SKs had just moved in with us and the transition was somewhat brutal at times)...but at this stage in my pregnancy, I'm so tired and uncomfortable that I'm just relieved that I will get some time to rest and not worry about anyone else before LO arrives. However, SKs get another week-long break at the end of March and, by then, LO will probably be here. That should be interesting. lol
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