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How bad am I?

I feel so dumb... I was just thinking the other day how  I can't remember the last time I've had my period. I'm on bc but I still can't think back to when my last period was. Now, BD and I fooled around a couple months ago until I found he had a that stopped asap. And I haven't been with anyone sense. And I haven't bought a test cause I wanna wait longer...Idk why? I have a gut feeling I'm not pregnant but apart of me in worried. I feel so stupid.
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Re: How bad am I?

  • Don't feel stupid. None of us are perfect.That was pretty crappy of him to be messing with you while he had a girlfriend though, but once you found out, you stopped which was the right thing to do and you didn't do anything wrong! If you're worried about being pregnant, the only thing to do is to take a test though.
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  • Don't feel stupid....but why would you NOT take a NOW?   Why on earth would you wait longer????? 

    You can ease your mind and move on in a matter of minutes with a negative test.

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