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Hi all, I'm 36 now, will be 37 when I deliver.  18 weeks.  Should I be getting sonograms like every two weeks? Does anyone?

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    Your age alone wouldn't be cause enough for such frequent ultrasounds at 18 wks. You'd have to have some other risk factors. Sometimes at the end of pregnancy AMA moms have more frequent ultrasounds b/c of a higher risk of issues with the placenta.
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    No, just because you are AMA isn't enough. You would have to be high risk. Ill be 40 this year on my third pregnancy and average about 3 to 4 us per pregnancy
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    I'm 36 and I just began getting weekly sonograms only due to my gestational diabetes not AMA.  Since they began me on medication last week, they have do this.  I'm almost 34 weeks.  However prior to this, my last sonogram was back in November. 
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    No unless you have other factors that put you at high risk.  I will be getting growth u/s every 3 weeks starting at 32w and bpp's twice a week starting at 36w.  I think it just depends on how your doctor handles ama patients. 
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    As others have said, AMA alone does not mean more ultrasounds. I have only had three this entire pregnancy (one at 8w5d for dating, one at 12 weeks for the NT scan, and one at 20 weeks for the anatomy scan). I do have to start non-stress testing at 34 weeks, but basically, all that entails is me pressing a button every time I feel the baby move. It does not have an ultrasound component.
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    I am 39. I go in this week for my first check up. I asked if they were going to do an US they said no. Age is not the only reason. If you are high risk would be another reason.


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