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Verifi Test

Did anyone do this new test called Verifi?  I am signed up for it in three weeks and was wondering what it was like comapred to the regular first trimester screening.
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Re: Verifi Test

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    It is a non-invasive test--they draw two vials of your blood and send it to a lab. The lab isolates cell-free fetal DNA from the sample and determines whether or not the baby has trisomy 13, 18, or 21 (Down's). It is much more accurate for those three issues than the regular first-tri screening, which is a test measuring levels of HCG and PAPP-A in the maternal blood. You can also get an NT scan (nuchal translucency scan), which is an ultrasound looking at the buildup of fluid in a particular area at the back of your baby's neck. If that area measures quite large, it may indicate the baby has Down's.
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    I had this done and as PP said it examines the fetal DNA in your blood and gives you a much more accurate interpretation than the regular first trimester screening. After getting good results on this, I decided to forego amnio or CVS.  

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    I did MaterniT21, which is similar but from a different company.  It was really simple, just a couple of vials of blood drawn.  It's great peace of mind if it comes out negative.  If it's positive, they would still want to do an amnio most likely.  

    The difference between it and the regular screening (and here I assume you mean the quad screening including NT scan) is that the regular screening only gives you odds, whereas this gives you near-definitive results.  It's nearly as accurate as an amnio, particularly for Down's.  It's slightly less accurate for the other major trisomies.  This test actually pulls fetal DNA fragments from your blood for analysis, whereas the regular screening looks at other blood factors and then uses that info to try and give you your odds of the 3 major trisomies.  If the Verifi/MaterniT21 test is negative most docs will forgo the amnio.  As a bonus, it also tells you the gender (at least MaterniT21 does, not sure about Verifi).  

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    I just had the Verifi test done yesterday.  Much more accurate than the other 1st trimester tests and my doctor said that if you have this, then don't do the NT Test because there is more info from the Verifi test.  Also, I believe the Verifi had its highest accuracy rate on Trisomy 18, but still very high on 13 and 21.  Seemed like a no-brainer to me.  Am looking forward to hearing the results and hopefully putting those worries to bed.  Good luck!
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    This is the brand our midwife offered. We did it at 11w1d, and got results yesterday ay 12w1d! All our tests were clear, and bonus - we learned that we are having a boy!!!!
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