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Conceived on Valentine's Day?

Does anyone here have a LO that was conceived on Valentine's Day last year? We don't know if ours was, but it was on V-day last year that I told DH I was ready to start TTC. We are pretty sure we made LO that night or sometime that week. Big surprise to us, as we expected to be trying for at least several months. Just curious if anyone else has a Valentine's Day baby!

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Re: Conceived on Valentine's Day?

  • Everyone thinks so for us. Our due date was Nov. 7th. He was actually conceived on Feb. 17th.

    I know we went to dinner and a movie with friends last VDay, but DH ended up not feeling well so when we got home, he went straight to bed.

    But three days lattttteerrrrr....
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  • Funny I was thinking of posting this.

    M's due date was November 15th... You do the math :P. Funny thing is we started TTC on Thanksgiving. Ended up conceiving on a different holiday lol
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  • E was conceived Jan 17.... But we found out we were pg on Vday last year :)

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  • imagekiraliz2:

    E was conceived Jan 17.... But we found out we were pg on Vday last year :)

    So you were a month past your due date when you gave birth? Am I doing the math right? I'm confused and need coffee.

    I was confused too. We conceived 02/17 and got an EDD of 11/07. But then I thought, "Eh...Nov. '12 is a pretty cool group of gals. I don't blame her for heading over here" But her ticker says otherwise and she did have a Nov. baby. I just don't understand how with that conception date. Alas, the SN is familiar so I'm gonna go back to minding my own bees wax.


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  • we were afew days after V day, presidents day weekend, but same story.. talked about TTC and BAM the deed was done...

    IKEA will give you a free crib if you deliver on Nov 14th 2013 (claiming that would be a V-Day baby)

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  • Aw how fun! We decided to try at the beginning of Feb but think it happened sometime within a week of V Day.
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  • Yes totally! Madeline was the product of Valentine's Day! It was such a sweet day. My pregnancy test came back positive the beginning of March on DH's birthday. I wrapped up the digital Clear Blue test along with his other presents. He opened it after blowing out the candles on his birthday cake. He was thrilled! He said he wished for us to have a baby this year when he blew out this candles. Wish granted! This year has been a huge blessing. We couldn't be happier.
  • I'm more of a lurker but wanted to chime in: I'm pretty sure my little Everett is the product of Valentine's Day. We'd just started trying and boom! He got on board. He arrived on 11/13.

    This year: let's hope BCP does its job so we don't make this a holiday tradition.

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  • Kalista is a Valentine's Day baby too! I was just thinking about how she's existed for a whole year today.

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  • The day I delivered my hospital was SWAMPED! A nurse and I did the math and Valentines is pretty close!

    We conceived Feb 12th... (DH birthday) but technically Valentines weekend :)

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