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My 3 week followup was yesterday....

So I had my follow up yesterday with my OB. He had the results from Pathology, but no really great information. There was no infection in me and the placenta looked great. He did say there was two vessels in the umbilical cord instead of three, but they two looked great so they couldn't rule for sure whether that was the cause. It can cause stillbirth, but also many healthy babies are born too. They couldn't find anything of concern with Thomas' body that would give any indications. The good news ( I guess) is that there wasn't anything wrong with my body. The bad news....we still don't really know anything. But...I am ok with that because I was prepared to most likely hear that news.

 We talked a lot about whether we are wanting to get PG again. I am leaning towards it but, obviously, want to wait a few months before we really make any decisions as everything is way too fresh. My DH does not want to have another (We have 2 kids now) because of the fear of the unknown. However, if I really feel strongly about having another then he would. Of course, it is too soon to decide and he said he just isn't ready to think about it. I chose not to go on birth control. We were just using condoms before and I really don't want to deal with the extra hormones anyways. He asked about whether I need sleep aids or anti-depressants. I have struggled a lot, but I am really not wanting to medicate. I feel like all of it is probably very normal. He wasn't pushy - just wanted me to know it was available. Dr's not quit taking my prenatals. Add a supplement of folic acid. He is sending me in for a few blood tests next week (I can't read his writing, and I can't remember exactly what they are for) but he said something about checking for rare disorders? Also, with the blood test - checking my thyroid just to rule it out. No sex for one more week (until I'm 4 weeks post partum). He released me back to work and I started today. That sucked. I cried all the way there...and just hid from everybody the whole day. :/

 Sorry this got so long.... :(

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Re: My 3 week followup was yesterday....

  • I'm sorry its been such a rough week. We had a two vessel cord as well, but neither that or anything else showed any signs of being the reason.

    Take you time and keep talking to your husband. You will find what fits you both. It sucks when you keep having to make decisions you never thought you would have to.

    Going back to work was hard. T & Ps your way. Hugs to you.

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  • So sorry for your loss and not getting any answers.  We had a two vessel cord too, but also had Trisomy 18.  I did take the option of sleep aids, and boy did it help me!  Might just be me, but was so nice to sleep good and not have bad dreams (I was having horrible dreams but the sleep meds helped that for some reason).  Big Hugs to you!
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  • I am sorry that you didn't get any answers. I have my 3 week follow-up on Monday & am dreading it as well. My son also had a 2 vessel cord & b/c of it, had weekly ultrasounds & non-stress tests, and 4 days before his death everything looked great, but ultimately the cord got wrapped around his neck twice & knotted, which is what caused his passing. 

    Good luck with your blood test results & I'm sorry about the loss of your Thomas. 

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