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Recommendation need for sensitive skin soap

Hello All - I would appreciate any input you have on baby soaps.  My son (2 years) has very sensitive skin.  I went through a bunch of soaps that before I found one that didn't seem to bother him.  The problem is that this soap is difficult to find and right now I can't get my hands on any.  It is out of stock in the store and online.  Does anyone have a suggestion for a moisturizing soap for sensitive skin for babies?  Many thanks.

Re: Recommendation need for sensitive skin soap

  • Stop using the stuff that says "sensitive" or "Natural"...  Sometimes the chemicals used in the supposedly healthy sensitive and/or natural soaps can be far worse than the chemical laden ultra scented soaps.  I have super sensitive skin as well.  Sadly, what this translates into is anytime I get my hands on something I like that I don't break out into a full-on rash for I stock up for the long haul. 
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  • Cetaphil. Our pedi recommended. We also use California baby sensitive.

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  • Everyone, allergist, pedi, dermatologist, recommended we switch to Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and we've had zip problems.  Readily available and super cheap.  Then afterwards, slather on vanicream or cetaphil cream (not the lotion, the cream is thicker).

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  • I use Mustela NB stuff on the baby and it's great! I've been using Burt's Bees on my older boy but really should use the Mustela on him too since it's been so cold and dry.
  • I have been using Aquaphor for babies on DD & it is working great- she had a ton of dry skin on her head that it got rid of after a couple of times.
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  • My son's always had very dry skin and terrible eczema (inherited from me Sad), and when he was a few months old I switched to Dr. Bronners "Baby Mild" formula soap. It's the pale turquoise bottle label. It worked really well and now he doesn't get eczema on his body at all. Still gets it sometimes on his face because I don't use any soap on his face.
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  • My son has eczema so we have always used the Aveeno Baby Wash and Shampoo along with the Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy.  I hear that Dove soap works well too and that is what I use on my sensitive skin.

    Hope you find something that will work well! 


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  • Thank you all for the suggestions.  I am going to try them all until I find on that works.  Really appreciate the feedback. 
    Cetaphil. Our pedi recommended. We also use California baby sensitive.


    Just a little FYI (it may or may not matter to you).  Cetaphil contains parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate.  Supposedly three of the parabens it contains are listed on the dirty dozen list of cosmetic ingredients that are potentially toxic. Upon hearing this I switched to Whole Foods 365 Brand Skin Cleanser which is similar to Cetaphil without the parabens, etc.  It's also cheaper.  HTH.


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  • I tried several things like aquaphor and cetaphil and found them all to be greasy and didn't help much, my son has eczema.  I tried Aveeno baby ezcema therapy and within one day his eczema and dry skin were gone and it wasn't greasy.  I use it every night after bath and keeps his skin as smooth as can be.
  • I really love these Ava Anderson products!  The diaper cream actually works wonders for eczema and most other skin irritations.



    all natural and 0 toxins! 

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  • I use a bar soap called Basis Sensitive Skin Bar, which I've bought at the market and at the drugstore. If you can't find it in a shop near you, look it up on Amazon, where they sell a package of six (4 ounce) bars for approximately nineteen dollars regular price (at the moment it's on sale for less than twelve).
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