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Any suggestions...need assistance

This post has nothing to do with me but I was wondering if anyone knew of a mommy friendly website where say single moms can post housing/roommate wanted information. Obviously most places that rent want single individuals and professionals and if you post that you are a parent or have a family unfortunately it seems like you just put blood in the water for the sharks. My sister is pregnant and has a one year old and I can't take her in but if anyone knows of any legitimate sites that she can search for housing I would greatly appreciate it.



Re: Any suggestions...need assistance

  • It's terrible, but single mommies come with a stigma, that they have a hard time managing their lives. It leads to financial issues with balancing work and personal issues. Renters are skeptical that one income is secure enough, or women are incapable of pulling themselves out of sticky situation, let alone with an a kid to add to the problem if it occurred, such as a loss of job or sickness. I feel for your sis, because my sister is a single mom and I sympathize. I really have had great success with CraigsList, have her post an ad in the real estate section and to not waste her time or yours, have her mention she is a single mom and put it out in the open. Also, another really unlikely place to think of but where you may have great success is in the Baby section. There are a lot of young couples,homeowners, that have basements or parts of their homes they are willing to rent to help with their mortgage payments. I would post a wanted ad on there too. You may get lots of responses, there. 


  • Sorry this is sooooo super duper late but mommy brains. Fun stuff. I will definitely inform her and thank you for the advice. It was very helpful.
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