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Indigestion is awful

Anyone else experiencing indigestion? About an hour after I ate I begin getting serious indigestion and I can feel it in my throat. My throat feels sore from trying to swallow to keep the feeling from burning. Is anyone else having this symptom? 

Re: Indigestion is awful

  • I have the same thing happening!!! It's terrible :
  • I had it so bad all day Sunday. And then nothing today. Drink milk!
  • omg it's terrible!  im chewing on TUMS all day long!  then there are times where I feel deeply hungry, but it feels like food is at the top of my throat.  
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  • I have tums at home, at work, and in my purse! So far it's working, if I feel a little indigestion I get them in and I figure I can use the calcium! Best of luck :
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