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9 wks Pregnant and so sick! Anyone else?

Hi. I'm about 9 weeks along and the last three weeks have been HELL!! Would love to connect with some other prego mamas and commiserate a bit during this tough time. I'm located in the woodlands. :

Re: 9 wks Pregnant and so sick! Anyone else?

  • I'm not pregnant but I wanted to say hang in there.  I was sick with my first three pregnancies (all miscarried by 10 weeks) and then with my twins I threw up the entire 36 weeks.  It was misery.  It did get better around 20 weeks when I mostly threw up after dinner. 

    I really really feel for you.  I thought I'd never be normal again.

    You block it out mostly.  I know it was bad I just can't remember how bad it truly was.  Hopefully it eases up soon.

    Three losses in 2009; Boy/Girl twins born in 2010 image
  • Jmo30Jmo30 member

    Hi..I live in the Woodlands also:) 

    I noticed my prenatal was making me sick.. Had to switch that and then I felt so much better! I don't know if that may be the problem for you but it was for me. 

    I hear it gets better after the 1st trimester either way so hang in there! 

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