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Could I be pregnant again??!

Is it normal to skip a cycle while your body is transitioning back? My LO is 13 months, and I started my period last month... same day of the month as before I was pregnant with LO... but now there's no sign of it coming back this month! It's been over a week.. does it take a while for the body to get back into rhythm.. or does this mean I have to take a PT? *yikes* not ready for Baby #2...
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Re: Could I be pregnant again??!

  • i got my period 2 months pp and it was regular all through breastfeeding.  i just fully weaned and it was a week and a half late.  we'll see with the coming month but we are also ttc so ...hopefully i wont know! ;) id take a test fo sho!
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  • I had my period for about 3 cycles and then I got pregnant ..and I was still breastfeeding .anything is possible;)
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  • Since there's not really a "normal" with this stuff, I'd say you might as well POAS. It'll probably drive you crazy wondering. My cycle still hasn't returned, but DD is nursing now only twice a day, so I'm expecting it sometime soon. I still have a supply of test strips from when we were TTC with DD and whenever I feel concerned I just POAS. Better safe then sorry! 


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  • imageLibraryChica:
    My crystal ball says... [;] Take a test, you'll feel better. Mynbsp;My cyclenbsp;snapped back to normal right away, but I think some craziness is normal too.

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  •      As soon as I weaned my then ten month old, I had one period and then I got pregnant by surprise. I agree take a test just so you know. Cycles can get screwy with the change in hormones. For the record, I will totally be jealous if you are (I've been having some serious baby fever!)


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  • With DS1 I got ppAF back at 15 mo. and then it took 6 weeks to get it again. I then got pg. I was still BF on demand. So, it can be irregular, but Iould still test :)

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  • TY for the replies. I'm hoping it's the BF thing.. I forgot to mention that I BF on demand..  I've been away from him during the day but have been supplying more lately... anyway, i'm def going to be POAS, lol!
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  • I only had one period and then 1.5 mo later was pregnant . I am 5 weeks
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