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Postpartum Depression

not sure...

Just trying to get a outside of the box opinion

I felt like i was fine a couple weeks ago but my hubs and i fought and it wasn't good.  Needless to say having a night out turned me into never wanting to do anything again. I kinda feel resentment towards him now. He has been helping with waking up with our daughter but then i feel like any chance he gets he is going and doing something. We are supposed to have family over for dinner but i already have no desire to be around people. Im not sure if I have PPD or what? I know it does run in my family. I do feel overwhelmed at times and sometimes when my daughter cries i cant take it.(but i am the one doing the most for her) The other day she fell and i felt awful but he also didnt make me feel any better about it. He says i have a touch of it but i dont think i do i think its him. 

any suggestions? 

Re: not sure...

  • Talk to your doctor about how you are feeling. I have good weeks and bad weeks so it comes and goes for me. You might also think about seeing a family or marriage therapist. GL!
  • Congrats to you and your growing family.  It?s good you reached out to others for support ? it obvious that you want to protect your relationship with your husband. I agree with rocknrollfriend; I know that it?s easy to accumulate hurts and frustrations through the years and a trained therapist can provide you with healthy communications tools. On the other hand, if you're concerned about PPD, I?d suggest calling your doctor without delay. I read that almost all new mothers experience some form of the "Baby Blues" after giving birth, and they almost always disappear within the first two weeks. But sometimes this persists or gets worse, turning into postpartum depression. That's why it's important to watch for the warning signs. Hope this helps.  Let us know how you're doing.
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