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question about exchanging Valentines

My daughter's preschool class is exchanging Valentines. I've never done this before, and I'm wondering what the protocol is regarding genders. I can't find any gender neutral Valentines - only hello kitty, spider man, etc. 

Do you buy two sets of Valentines to give the boy-themed ones to the boys and the girl-themed ones to the girls? Or, do you just buy whatever your child wants and give the same ones to the whole class?


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Re: question about exchanging Valentines

  • You buy what your child wants and give those to the whole class. I guess you could buy a set with a boy theme and give those out but you don't have to.

    My kids have always received a mix of boy and girl. 

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  • We took DS to Target and let him pick a box...his first choice was Disney princesses, but then he saw some with 3-D cats and dogs and decided to get those instead....which happen to be pretty gender-neutral.
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  • I saw this on Pinterest.  I took a pic of our daughter - it looks like she's holding something with her arm stretched out toward the camera.  I used Picasa to write "Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Z."  Then I printed them out and cut little slits above and below her hand - we tucked a lollipop in the slits so it looks like she's holding it.  It looks cute, it's not themed boy or girl...just cute. 

    Her teacher asked us not to write the other students' names on the cards, though - that way the kids can just pass them out and not worry who gets what card.  They're 3 so they aren't reading yet!



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